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Company Culture

UnCruise Adventures denounces all forms of racism, bigotry, and discrimination. We stand in solidarity with our employees, community members, and leaders in the fight to end systemic and passive racism, social injustice, and violence against the Black community and all who suffer from racism.

Three of our company's core values are “Do the right thing,” “Be good to each other,” and “Get a little better every day.” These words are a start, but it is never enough to just say it—we must live it! We commit today and every day to learn, support, and play an active role in dismantling racism, systemic oppression, and discrimination in our world.

UnCruise Citizen

The UnCruise Citizen is all of us—guests, crew on board, and our office team. We cherish exceptional experiences in nature and the unique stories we share with one another. We embrace the diversity of humanity just as we embrace the mosaic of nature.

We as UnCruise Citizens have rights:

  • To an experience free from discrimination and unpleasant behavior, whether racist, sexist, ageist, or otherwise 
  • To celebrate who we are
  • To articulate concerns without fear of judgement
  • To resolve disputes and misunderstandings in a safe space
  • To experience nature in its wild and pure form

The UnCruise Citizen also has responsibilities:

  • To hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions
  • To speak up when we see our shipmates mistreated
  • To own mistakes and get a little better every day
  • To respect the environment and follow “leave no trace” practices
  • To respect wildlife and their habitat
  • To respect the cultural heritage of the places we visit and the people we travel with

At UnCruise Adventures we endeavor to do the right thing and be good to one another while leaving a small footprint in the areas we explore. We expect and invite all members of our community to do the same.

The UnCruise Citizen Policy is a commitment to each other, guests, and crew alike, that we will all strive for an unparalleled experience while keeping our shipboard environment free of disruptive or inappropriate behavior.  

Our Core Values

Photo of a group of UnCruise Adventures guests kayaking wearing face masks. This photo is an illustration of the UnCruise Adventures core value "Be good to each other."

Be good to each other.

Photo of an UnCruise Adventures guest paddle boarding in Southeast Alaska. This photo is an illustration of the UnCruise Adventures core value "Get a little better every day."

Get a little better every day.

Photo of young UnCruise Adventures guest being challenged to kiss a banana slug. This photo is an illustration of the UnCruise Adventures core value "Make different mistakes."

Make different mistakes.

Photo of UnCruise Adventures guests photographing a sea otter from a respectful distance while kayaking. This photo is an illustration of the UnCruise Adventures core value "Do the right thing."

Do the right thing.