Guide Bios


Alex Tice

Expedition Guide
Safari Explorer

Born into a Coast Guard family, Alex learned a fondness for the ocean in her early years living along the coasts of Oregon and Florida. Her later growing up years were spent in Idaho, where she was surrounded by forested mountains. Longtime loves for the wildness and the ocean pointed her back toward the salt water and she now lives in sun-kissed Pensacola, Florida. Beyond the great outdoors, Alex has a talent for the field and was named to the Gulf South Conference All-Decade softball team while in college.

Alex throws incredible determination into all of her goals. She attended University of Florida earning a marine biology bachelor of science and is a Wilderness First Responder. She also holds certifications in First Aid/CPR and Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping, and has earned her 100 Ton Master Inland Captain’s license. More than anything, Alex is motivated by fun and adventure especially when it includes the water and remote locations.

Most recently, Alex traveled to Ireland and Scotland—two destinations known for their proximity to dramatic, stunning seascapes. Her adventures are typically water-motived—she is passionate about diving and has explored incredible locations in pursuit of great dive spots. Among the highlights: scuba diving with manta rays, sea turtles and among coral reefs in Belize, Honduras, and the Cayman Islands. During your sail with her, be sure to ask about participating in shark dives and her secret talent at aerial yoga!


Allison Shrestha

Expedition Guide
Wilderness Adventurer/Wilderness Explorer

Originally from San Jose, California, Allison was on the other side of the earth when she met her husband. She was leading a training course in Nepal and his company was the outfitter guiding the group. She and her husband are sorting out where they want to put down roots and for the moment, call Coloma, California—along the banks of the South Fork American River—home.

Allison has been guiding for many years including multi-day kayak expeditions in Glacier Bay National Park and ziplining, hiking and kayaking in Lynn Canal, Alaska. Allison specializes in teaching kayak and paddle board technique; and in whale studies. In addition to her recreation administration degree from Humboldt State University, her certifications include Wilderness First Responder, emergency medical technician, and basic life support CPR/AED, and she instructs adult and pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid.

Compelled to go outside her comfort zone, Allison thrives on time spent in nature and pushing her boundaries. Exploring places she has dreamed about—Alaska and Nepal come quickly to mind—Allison is inspired to share her passions for the natural world and unexplored places with others. In particular, she enjoys trading stories so be sure to swap a few with her from your own adventures.


Archibaldo Kirchman

Expedition Guide
Safari Voyager

A lifelong Panamanian, Archibaldo grew up in the capital city and still lives there today with his family. The canal inevitably plays an important role to locals and Archibaldo is proud of his heritage linked to the great cut. Always an avid learner, his curiosity magnetically draws him to spend lots of time outdoors and in nature.

A guide for nearly three decades, Archibaldo loves to share the history, natural world, and culture of his country with others. Though his degree from Universidad Tecnologica de Panama is in Technical Software Engineering, his experience and expertise is in the interpretation of tropical birds and ecosystems, and the history on Panama. He also holds certifications in CPR/First Aid, Basic Life Support, and his top priority in his work and travel is safety.

When he’s not working, it’s likely you’ll find Archibaldo photographing the world around him, listening to music, or dancing the salsa. He’s also an avid traveler though often times he finds himself in the guide role even when he’s not working. On a recent trip to the Caribbean with his family, they joined in for a city tour of Curazao. After asking the bus driver why he looked so nervous it turned out he spoke many languages but not Spanish—the language spoken by all the guests on his bus. Archibaldo ended up stepping in to translate along the way!


Christian Lloyd

Expedition Guide
Wilderness Explorer

Christian has embodied a sailor’s dream the past few years, living aboard his sailboat. While not always the case, his boat is currently docked in Seattle. The lure of the saltwater took its hold early on in his life—Christian grew up in the town of Bellingham, Washington, situated on a bay of the same name just hop-skip-jump across Rosario Strait from the San Juan Islands.

During his university education, Christian earned a degree in materials science and engineering. Through his maritime education, he earned his Master 50 Ton Inland Captain’s license and is a certified wilderness first responder. And when it comes to the hands-on, world experience, Christian is well-qualified too—he sailed his boat solo across the Pacific Ocean.

While he sailed his boat steadfastly from Mexico to Hawaii alone, Christian can’t shake his fear for deep water. But he doesn’t let it stop him from his explorations—one of his most memorable adventure moments was diving among a group of sea turtles that, very slowly, were engaging in a bit of a sea battle. A native Northwesterner, a favorite aspect of his work is sharing the wild ocean and wilderness of Alaska with those on board with him. If you sail with him, you’ll see Christian living out his mantra—float, go, live. Does it float, will it go and can he live on it?—aboard this expedition vessel he happily can answer “yes!”


Christian Mata

Expedition Leader
Safari Voyager

Christian grew up in a beautiful farming valley in Costa Rica’s Cartago Province surrounded by lush vegetation and pre-Columbian ruins. He moved to San José for college and enjoyed the city so much he has stayed for over 25 years. Today he happily lives there with his family, though his work and drive to learn often take him to other fascinating corners of the isthmus.

At National State University, Christian earned a Tropical Forestry Sciences and Tourism degree. He is also a certified Technician in Tour Guiding and International Tour Manager. He has guided extensively throughout Central America, including his home country, and also in the United States for both land and maritime tours. Christian has also worked for the Costa Rica National Park Service. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and supporting efforts for conservation. In addition to leading wilderness, historic, cultural, expedition, and educational tours, Christian consults for the Costa Rican Government and international NGOs, and is vice-president of the Costa Rica Tour Guides Association.

Known for his easy, welcoming smile and relaxed disposition, Christian is happiest in the outdoors. He feels life is better spent outside and explores the world—near and far—with his family. When not out on an adventure, he enjoys whipping up new and familiar recipes in the kitchen, wood working, or simply sitting back with a good book and a cup of his beloved Costa Rican coffee.


Dai Mar Tamarack

Expedition Leader
Safari Quest

Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, Dai Mar was born with a love for warm, balmy climates. For the past handful of years, he has made his home in the Hawaiian Islands, a place that inspires his life-long passion for being active in the outdoors and photographing the many wondrous places, wildlife, and marine life he encounters.

From his very first job, Dai Mar’s career has been far from ordinary. We can’t think of anyone else we know who can list catching and tagging alligators for research on their resume, nor being a professional dodgeball player for one day. His certifications include PADI divemaster, 100 Ton Master Captain’s license, National Association for Interpretation Certified Interpretive Guide, and a bachelor’s degree in marine science and marine biology from University for Georgia. In addition to his work with alligators, he’s guided eco-tours, instructed marine biology, captained whale watching and snorkel boats, sailed tall ships, and traveled throughout the world as a professional underwater photographer.

When not thinking of teaching folks about the natural world or photographing underwater creatures, you might find Dai Mar thinking about baseball. Baseball is one of his many interests and, as a volunteer for Baseball4Africa, he traveled to rural Kenya multiple times to teach kids to play. While the bonds he built with fellow players made a huge impact, he also has incredible memories of hearing lions roaring at night from his tent.


Dan Niebler

Expedition Guide
Wilderness Explorer

Growing up on the Jersey Shore, Dan has always had an affinity for saltwater. He’s lived in Tampa Bay for the last handful of years, although his love of travel often takes him on the road or sea. No matter where he goes, Dan seems to always find himself near the ocean, whether it’s the Atlantic, Pacific, or Antarctic.

Dan has a degree in marine science from Eckerd College and specializes in marine invertebrate biology and marine and freshwater ecology. He holds Wilderness First Responder, Certified Interpretive Guide, and Kayak Instructor-Level II certifications. He has worked for the PeaceCorps and as a refugee resettlement specialist. Curious by nature, Dan had the opportunity to study Ernest Shackleton's leadership style in Antarctica. He has also learned to speak Mandinka, a West African tribal language where questions about oneself are answered in proverbs.

Everyone has their own way of experiencing the wilderness and Dan’s goal is to help people find their personal outdoors style. Anything can be an adventure in his mind, and every day is worth enjoying. He’s likely to find himself getting “lost” in the woods or on the water. But, not to worry, he always finds his way back and his hobby of geocaching has made him sharp with a map and GPS!


Dawn Paley

Expedition Guide
Wilderness Adventurer

Originally from New Jersey, Dawn heeded the call of warmer climes and these days, enjoys living in the Sunshine State. Over the past few years in Florida, she’s found plenty of time to satiate a few favorite hobbies, including hunting for fossilized shark teeth in Arcadia and kayaking coastal waters.

Dawn is passionate about guiding guests on a journey to experience the great wilderness of Alaska. With certifications in sea kayaking, whitewater raft guiding, and Wilderness First Responder, she’s gotten to know the coasts of Florida and Alaska like the back of her hand—or paddle—and enthusiastically shares the unique geology and ecosystems of each area with those lucky enough to paddle with her.

When not delighting in guiding others, Dawn guides herself toward adventures across the globe. Canyoneering near Arenal, Costa Rica, glacier hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and expedition kayaking in the Everglades are just a few of the adventures she’s found herself undertaking. Highlight so far? The breathtaking experience of having a whale surface right beside her in Glacier Bay National park during her 24-day kayak trip!


Diana Sciambi

Licensed Expedition Guide
Safari Endeavor

Originally from Washington, DC, Diana has called Maui, home the past many years. The island is an ideal spot for her to paddle outrigger canoes, keep practicing her ukulele, and mix up the freshest ingredients for delicious smoothies—a good reason she’s mastered the art of cutting mangos.

Diana earned a degree in biological sciences from Virginia Tech and is a certified PADI Dive Master, Wilderness First Responder, CPR/First AID, and USCG 100 ton Captain. Much of her career has been spent in the out-of-doors—as an outdoor educator/marine science instructor at the Catalina Island Marine Institute, project manager for the Maldivian Manta Ray Project, and she has conducted research on trees in the Seychelles. In addition to her expertise in biology, she’s a life-long lover of the ocean. It’s perfectly fitting she has made her way to the Safari Endeavour.

At home on the water, she once sailed a 62’ sailboat from Hawaii to Alaska, just for fun. Her motto, “get out of your comfort zone and find a local to show you around,” has become reality more times than she can count. In New Zealand, she and a friend met an elderly gentleman in the bread aisle at a grocery store who invited them for tea. He turned out to be a classic adventurer and Antarctic pioneer—they spent the day with him and his children as part of their family sharing stories and looking at old photos. Get ready to trade your own tales with her; Diana believes sharing stories from our adventures makes them all the more worth it.


Eleanor (Ellie) Bryant

Expedition Leader
Wilderness Explorer

Originally from rural southern Georgia, Ellie was bit by the travel bug at an early age when she took her first international trip at 5 years old. Since, she has embraced the lifestyle of the explorer and rather than settling in just one place, is happiest living the life of a nomad.

In addition to her Bachelor’s Degrees in poetry and biology, Ellie is also a certified paramedic, Wilderness First Responder, and British Canoe Union Three Star sea kayaker. Among her career highlights, she counts multi-day expedition guiding, copywriting, and professional horseback riding—yep, you got that right, she’s a competitive show-jumping equestrian! What Ellie loves most about her work is watching guests’ eyes light up when they discover something new in the wilderness, and if she’s your guide, we’re sure you’ll uncover many new mesmerizing natural wonders with her.

Ellie’s seen 30 different countries and puts rafting the Colorado River for 25 days and kayaking the entire Costa Brava among her most prized memories. In addition to stories of those trips, if you get her around a campfire, she may just tell you about what it’s like to be a twin, or about being a published poet.


Erica Van Ausdal

Sommelier/Hotel Manager
S.S. Legacy, Safari Quest, Safari Explorer

Erica was raised in the city of Redmond, along the edge of western Washington’s burgeoning wine region. While we don’t know the actual address of her youth, it’s not outlandish to say she grew up with wineries in her “backyard.” These days, the Emerald City of Seattle is her home.

Attending Seattle Central Community College, Erica earned her degree in film and video communications. She has her Level One Sommelier certification and has worked with master sommeliers at Spago, Beverly Hills. Wine can be a great catalyst for conversation, and Erica loves the opportunities it provides to meet new people and discover changing environments.

A veteran adventurer herself, Erica has hopped the globe hitchhiking around New Zealand and earning her diving certification at a WWII shipwreck in Bali. When it comes to travel, her motto is “say yes”, whether she’s aboard a ship, going by bicycle, or getting from here to there by simply pulling on her running shoes. In addition to her wine expertise, she is skilled at singing a bit of karaoke—be sure to ask her what song is her go-to when she takes the mic!


Jenny Oviedo

Expedition Guide
Safari Voyager

Jenny grew up in Costa Rica’s second largest city of Alajuela. Other than a brief stint in Aspen, Colorado, where she traveled to study abroad and improve her English—and where she first saw snow—she has always lived in Costa Rica. A self-described “tropical girl,” she can’t imagine a better place to raise her young son.

At the University of Costa Rica, Jenny earned her bachelor’s degree in English. She is an Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje licensed tour guide, credited in Portuguese from Centro de Estudios Brasileiros, and certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR through the Red Cross. Jenny has also studied biology at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and Tropical Biology at Organización de Estudios Tropicales. Jenny loves the outdoors and believes mixing the two ingredients of nature and people together makes magic.

Keeping fit for her many pursuits outdoors—and to help her keep up with her 7-year-old son, she practices Crossfit. Balancing the time she spends surrounded by natural landscapes, Jenny likes to kick up her feet watching films and reading—especially books about sci-fi and history. She also loves to bake—particularly super healthy muffins. Be sure to ask her what she calls them—it’s the best name for a good-for-you baked treat.


Jenny Wolf

Heritage Leader & Expedition Guide
S.S. Legacy & Safari Endeavour

A native of landlocked Boise, Idaho, Jenny has lived, temporarily and long term, in many beautiful places. She spent a year in Madrid teaching English to students, ages 9 to 50, and learning all the best places to find tapas and how easy European system of travel is to navigate. These days, she is based on the water, aboard the S.S. Legacy or Safari Endeavour.

Jenny holds a degree in biology from the College of Idaho and certifications in Wilderness First Responder, PADI Dive Mast, First Aid/CPR, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Complimented by work as an environmental educator, English teacher, farmhand in Oregon, and beekeeper Greece, her areas of specialization include geology, ecology, and history of the Pacific Northwest. She is thrilled that her job that combines a love of the outdoors, connecting people with beautiful places, her experience as an educator, and general avoidance of offices. Her favorite added bonus of working onboard: the pastry chefs make the best cookies in the world!

Her most recent off duty travels took her China and Thailand, where she spent Christmas on the Great Wall of China. Dressing as Rudolph and Santa, Jenny and her travel mate hiked a rural section of the wall where they stumbled upon a group of locals who were so enamored with their costumes, they invited Jenny and her friend to dinner of Peking Duck. Following her top travelling rule of not planning too much, Jenny wakes up each morning, eager to see the beautiful places her vessel sails, and to share the day with her fellow crew and guests.


Jeremy Saenz

Expedition Leader
Safari Explorer

A Seattleite nowadays, Jeremy grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Ogden, Utah; and Nevada City, California. He also likes to travel and does—whenever he can. He studied Spanish in Mexico and Central America and it was here that he learned about and how to live in a different culture. The food, the people, the history of the area, and time on the sunny beaches won his heart.

Being outdoors in wild places and teaching are big motivators for Jeremy. So when he goes to work, not only does he get to play outside, but he gets to share his passion. Jeremy has a wealth of experience as a guide and naturalist in Southeast Alaska and Glacier Bay National Park; and has also worked as an ESL teacher; a job coach for developmentally disabled; and a cook. Jeremy holds a USCG 100 Ton License; attended Weber State University and University of Utah; and has degrees in History and Spanish, as well as, Linguistics and ESL.

Jeremy is passionate about the role wild places play in our connection to the planet and has a favorite memory of waking up for the sunrise on top of the Temple IV at Tikal ruins in Guatemala while Howler monkeys and toucans noisily played in the jungle canopy. He’s also a fan of reading, camping, basketball, photography, cooking, and once a year, he watches the Lord of the Rings Trilogy from beginning to end. Now that’s commitment.


Kati Powell

Expedition Guide
Wilderness Adventurer

Kati grew up in Boise, Idaho, and in the off-season still calls the City of Trees home. She found her UnCruise home in a special way—sharing memories with her mom. The duo took a cruise to Alaska together and she made fast friends with the crew, who encouraged her to come work with them. That’s a story we love to hear!

If work involves the ocean, Kati is happy to do it! She has a bachelor’s degree in biology and geology from the University of Oregon and holds USCG 50 Ton Master’s—inland, Wilderness First Responder, and PADI divemaster certifications. She knows a thing or two about cetaceans, having worked as a whale-watching naturalist and has of in-depth information to share on these giant mammals. Kati has guided sea kayak trips out of Sitka, and when she’s home teaches SCUBA classes.

A self-described snort-laugher, we bet you can’t help but giggle along with her once she gets started. Full of bright energy, Kati’s enthusiasm for the outdoors and marine life is as infectious as her laugh. Her feet must itch a lot, too—they say it’s a sign of travel and she seems to get in plenty of it! On a recent trip to Iceland, she hiked to the summit of the Porsmark volcano. Kicking a hole in the snow and sticking her hand inside, she discovered it was warm—a holdover from the 2010 volcanic eruption. It was the perfect reward for this geology fan.


Kelly Sutter

Expedition Leader
Wilderness Explorer

This natural teller of riddles and random facts grew up in Key Largo, Florida. Kelly has kept her personal basecamp close to home and she lives just north in Miami Beach these days. She balances out her golden-sandy beach time with lush, green temperate forest spending her summers in Alaska.

Kelly explored the very opposite side of the country from home, choosing Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage for school where she earned her degree in outdoor studies and environmental science. As part of her program she enrolled in an expedition leadership course that took her deep into the Talkeetna Mountains for a 170-mile trek. For 21 days, she fine-tuned her orienteering, route planning, and guiding skills, not to mention learned about flora and fauna in-depth. Kelly is also a certified Wilderness First Responder, ACA SeaKayak Level 1 & 2, and National Association of Interpretation interpreter.

If asked whether she prefers seeing the world on her own two feet or from the cockpit of a kayak, Kelly might have to give it some thought. She once spent 21 days kayaking through the Bahamas where she had the chance to spear hunt a lionfish. This invasive species is damaging coral reefs and the encounter gave her the opportunity to teach her group about this predatory intruder. And then they cooked it over a fire and ate it for dinner! How’s that for commitment to invasive species eradication?


Kent Redell

Expedition Leader
Safari Endeavour

From sunny Huntington Beach, California, Kent grew up with sand beneath his toes and Pacific Ocean waves in his ears. It’s no surprise that playing and adventuring in the water and natural world were some of his first favorite activities and remain at the top of his list today. Whether ocean or forests, he’s happy to be without a home base for the current point in time, and excited to find where his adventures lead him.

Kent earned a bachelor’s in geography from California State University Long Beach and holds certifications in geographic information systems and Wilderness First Responder. A curiosity to learn has led him to unique places including the Juneau Ice Field as a research intern, Catalina Island Marine Institute as a field instructor and aquarist, and Rapa Nui as an Archeology Assistant. He’s passionate about sharing what he’s learned and loves the perks of a wilderness-focused job, especially, his “office”.

Kent’s favorite aspect of his job is helping provide real moments for his guests in the wilds of the world, particularly Alaska. He’s got many wilderness experiences under his belt that have shaped how he sees the world. On a trip to Colorado to visit a friend, he suggested hiking Pikes Peak, only to be surprised to learn there was a drivable road up the fourteener with a gift shop known for its donuts at the top! It was spectacular, but a good reminder that his heart is in the northwest.


Lilly Stewart

Heritage Guide
S.S. Legacy

Born in Franklin, Ohio, Lilly grew up on her family’s farm milking goats and playing around the Great Miami River that flows right through the small city. On and off, she has set down her anchor in her hometown over the years, and interspersed some of that “off” time living in places like Arkansas, traveling through Europe, and even living for a bit in Peru with a local family.

Lilly has an environmental biology degree from Hendrix College and Wilderness First Responder and Interpretive Guide certifications. She has studied Lewis & Clark history, WWII, and Columbia River ecology at great length and loves to see the rivers change throughout the seasons aboard the S.S. Legacy. Lilly’s drive for outdoor-oriented work has led her to many interesting opportunities. She was an education coordinator and deckhand on the historic schooner Roseway, led camping adventure tours in the U.S. and Canada, was a stream stewardship assistant in the Catskills, and a field technician at Bandolier National Monument. She also once had the unusual job of paint scraper at Orville Wright’s mansion.

Lilly’s travel motto is “plan in advance, but enjoy spontaneous accidents that happen along the way.” A perfect example—on one of her 21-day, cross country road trips guiding European travelers, she got to throw a wedding in Las Vegas. What started out as a joke, teasing a pair of engaged travelers, became a full-fledged mission. They threw a bachelorette party in New Orleans, found a second-hand tuxedo in Texas, and a vintage wedding dress in New Mexico. The happy couple tied the knot in a pink Cadillac in at a Las Vegas drive-through chapel with the entire tour group in attendance. We’d say Lilly has some spectacular on-the-go planning expertise!


Lindsey Nielson

Lead Expedition Guide
Safari Endeavour

Beautiful, dramatic landscapes might be in Lindsey's blood—she grew up in Gallatin Gateway, Montana surrounded by stunning ranges including the Absaroka and Bridger Mountains, and near Yellowstone National Park. These days she lives in northern Montana on Flathead Lake near Glacier National Park and happily goes back and forth between her home in Big Sky Country, and her work in The Great Land of Alaska.

Lindsey decided to expand her territorial view by moving all the way across the country to Maine where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology and Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic. Her education and desire to be outside led her to jobs with Allied Whale, New Zealand Department of Conservation, the Alaska Whale Foundation, and the Namibian Dolphin Project where one of her job duties was playing with small Heaviside’s dolphins. Lindsey is also a certified Wilderness First Responder.

While Lindsey, admittedly, can never find a pair of matching socks, she’s incredibly committed to organizing travel plans. She’s traveled extensively in Africa to Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia, as well as South and Central America to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Mexico, and across the ocean to New Zealand. Where to next? She’s happy to be experiencing Alaska these days and loves to share her passion for the great state with others.


Liza Mora

Expedition Guide
Safari Voyager

Growing up in Costa Rica, Liza has had a close relationship with the land for her entire life. The daughter of a farmer, she continues to help her family with their cocoa and cattle farm. While she has travelled extensively throughout the years, she’s happy to be rooted in the land of pura vida for a steady few years now.

Liza earned a bachelor’s degree in tropical biology with an emphasis in sustainability from the University of Costa Rica. She has worked extensively in the field as a researcher for the Peregrine Fund in Panamá studying Harpy Eagles, for the University of California-Davis studying mammal behavior and seed dispersal in Belize, and with International Student Volunteers in Australia, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

With a motto like “live, explore, enjoy!” it’s no wonder Liza has made her way to far corners of the globe. While working in the Carnavon Gorge in Queensland, Australia, she was mesmerized by the 30,000-year-old aboriginal art and the rich cultural history of the land. She was also delighted to see platypus in the wild there too. Passionate about scuba diving and whitewater kayaking, she won the Pan-American Rafting Champion title in 2008/2009.


Lucy Marcus

Licensed Expedition Guide
Wilderness Adventurer

Originally from Berkeley and San Francisco, Lucy also spent time growing up in London and Scotland. As a semi-professional snowboarder, she lived for a time in the mountain states of Wyoming and Utah, as well as Lake Tahoe, California. A new resident on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands, Lucy lives in a prime spot for exercising her diving and snorkeling habits.

Lucy earned a masters in marine biology from James Cook University. She is a licensed Master 50 ton inland and Mate 50 ton near coastal, and is certified Wilderness First Responder, CPR/AED, PADI Dive Instructor, AAUS Scientific Research Diver, Marine Naturals, PSIA Snowboard Instructor, and Massage Therapist. Her previous work experience is heavily linked to the marine world—a marine biologist in the U.S. Virgin Islands, dive instructor and marine debris technician in Hawaii, adventure guide in Cuba and Costa Rica, and filmmaker/marine biologist in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands among others. She has been a massage therapist for nearly two decades and in the off season, funds her snowboarding habit with massage work.

Wildflowers, mushrooms, wildlife… Lucy is a keen observer of the wild environment around her and is excited to share what she finds with others. Her motto “seas the day!” motivates her adventurous spirit and has led her to many unique places. On a scuba diving trip in Palau, she had the opportunity to swim in a lake on an uninhabited island full of golden sting-less jellyfish. Swimming through them was like swimming through a cluster of soft marshmallows.


Mareth Griffith

Expedition Guide
Wilderness Discoverer

After growing up in West Virginia, Mareth tapped into her wanderlust and a few of her homes after her youth include Scotland, the Shetland Islands, and Northern Ireland where her neighbors included 2,000 puffin, 80 cattle, and the ghost of a black horse whose hooves could be heard galloping across the heather. She’s lived in Southeast Alaska most—her love affair with The Great Land has made it her on-again, off-again home for the past near-decade.

Mareth’s work history is just as diverse. Her Bachelor’s in music and technical theater from Smith College is paired with Wilderness First Responder, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, and American Canoe Association Coastal Kayak Level 2 and Day Trip Leader certifications. She’s guided adventurous souls through Alaska and New Zealand for many years as a naturalist and deckhand. In between seasons she’s likely guiding at a Northern Ireland seabird colony, or working at wilderness lodges, aquariums, or whale-watching day tours. More than anything, she loves sharing Alaska with first time visitors.

A classically trained violinist, Mareth makes a point to make time for playing music, writing, and reading. She also carves out time to experience the wilderness on her own, and is very excited about an up-coming 100-mile village-to-village hike along the west coast of Scotland she’ll be doing with her mom. Chocolate is her self-admitted kryptonite, and if you share a square with her, she’ll likely share the details of her many travel escapades with you!


Marika Powers

Lead Expedition Guide
Wilderness Explorer & Safari Endeavour

Having professional photographers as parents, Marika grew up exposed to natural beautiful places. Her youth was spent in Northern California and paddling around Hawaii. And unlike most teenagers, on her 18th birthday, she turned down a car in favor of a kayak. Marika’s been paddling ever since. Today, she calls both Northern California and Alaska home, but the Aloha spirit still calls her back to Hawaii.

Marika received a science degree at University of Hawaii and one in parks and recreation management from Northern Arizona University. She is certified in First Aid/CPR, as a Wilderness First Responder, Hawaii Eco Tour Operator, and Leave No Trace Trainer. Her lifelong deep love of the outdoors shaped her career path and sharing the great outdoors with others is what Marika likes best about it. She’s had heaps of opportunity leading people on meaningful and exciting experiences—throughout Alaska as a hiking, kayaking, or camping guide; lei greeter in Maui; and in Patagonia, developing a multi-sport expedition itinerary and helping out with the documentary “Crossing Patagonia.”

Traveling, backpacking, kayaking, biking, and surfing top Marika’s favorite-things-to-do list and her adventures generally pack an extra punch. She once spent over 70 nights in a tent in the Alaska wilderness and another time, awoke one night during a wild storm to find a river forming around her tent and her riverbank encampment washing away. This gal knows adventure and is super excited about sharing the wonders of the wilderness with you.


Mark Cassio

Expedition Guide
Wilderness Discoverer

Mark loved growing up in Massachusetts, and he equally loved the change of scenery in a new home—Maine, New Hampshire, Arizona, California, Alaska, and Washington. And he’s a modern-day explorer primed for adventure (even when it includes a bear and a raft)—Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico’s Baja California, and the Canadian Rockies near Banff National Park.

A certified Wilderness First Responder and graduate of Fitchburg State College with a BA in journalism, Mark’s journey has been one of knowledge. He was an interpretive guide in Alaska’s Brooks Range Mountains based 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle; an outdoor science teacher leading 10-12 year olds on interpretive hikes in California’s San Bernardino Mountains; rode a Harley to school each day as a Montessori teacher of 3-6 and 10-13 year olds in Phoenix; and was a news and sports reporter for New Hampshire daily paper. His breadth of experience easily translates to others and given the chance to interact and educate, inform and entertain about new and unique places… then Mark’s your man.

He’s also a lucky guy, particularly lucky to be a food seller in the ball park grandstands the year the Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series. Mark got to attend all four games played in Phoenix, including the championship-clinching Game 7 victory. A fan of stick and ball sports, Mark also enjoys playing cards, watching movies, snorkeling, hiking, backpacking, camping, and a good ‘ol city walk.


Megan Addison

Expedition Leader
Wilderness Discoverer & Wilderness Explorer

A life-long Pacific Northwesterner, Megan grew up in Seattle and after a few years in Bellingham, has made her home in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula. She’s got a bit of a gypsy soul about her, which inspires her to head out on adventures as often as she can, leaving her black cat Cricket to keep the home fires burning.

Megan holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, a master’s degree in environmental education, and has earned a Washington State teaching certificate. She is also a certified Wilderness First Responder. Megan has worked in environmental education centers in the North Cascade Mountains and in the San Juan Islands, and has run education programs on a 100+-year-old tall ship. While she started out wanting to be a classroom educator, she found her favorite “classrooms” were in the woods and on the water—she loves to share her enthusiasm for the natural world with others.

Megan has special experience for navigating the often drippy climates. Not only is she from the renowned rainy region of Washington, but on a trip to Nepal, one of her favorite memories was being caught in a torrential downpour while exploring Pokhara. Her latest adventure dropped her deep in British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains for a week of backcountry skiing among a sea of mountain ridges. With these experiences under her belt, we think she’ll be ready for any conditions Southeast Alaska throws her way.


Megan Moran

Expedition Leader
Wilderness Adventurer

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Megan has lived in some special places far from her hometown, including Egypt and South Africa. Having seen incredible changes within herself in many ways over the years, Megan is motivated to help others find that amazing inner transformation that happens when people connect to a new experience.

It all started for Megan one fateful summer when she began guiding. That summer, the outdoor and adventure bug bit her hard. Fast-forward to current times and Megan is now a well-seasoned guide, adventure seeker, and creator of happiness. Not long ago, she worked with Operation Smile Egypt, an NGO that provides free cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries to children in over 50 countries. She also led over 30 trips for 13-year-old kids (talk about patience!) throughout the Americas and Australia. And don't forget the art degree from University of Wisconsin, a masters in Education from Sierra Nevada College, and her Wilderness First Responder certification.

When not focused on helping other people experience new, happy adventures, Megan can be found creating her own. Hiking, biking, snowboarding or reading, whichever the chosen activity, if it provides an adventure, she’s in! Some of her favorite activities have included swimming with whale sharks in Mozambique and sampling the culinary delights of new countries, namely the street food variety.


Michelle Dutro

Expedition Guide
Wilderness Discoverer

Moss, rain, towering evergreens—Michelle is a Pacific Northwesterner through-and-through. A native of western Washington, she grew up on the east side of Lake Washington and nowadays, lives on the west side in Seattle. She spent a short time living in San Francisco, where, lucky for us, she came to the realization that an outdoor-oriented job was a real opportunity she could pursue!

Michelle has a degree in journalism and sociology from Western Washington University and is certified in First Aid/CPR/AED and as a Wilderness First Responder. While as a youngster, she had her heart set on being a champion Iditarod sled dog racer—she even had a framed newspaper clipping from 1925 announcing the statue of Balto—work as a camp counselor and instructor in the San Juan Islands and as a kayaking instructor and operations coordinator for the REI Outdoor School flipped the switch. Experiences outside can change lives and she is passionate about guiding for the opportunities it gives to help others find new ways to see the world through wilderness adventures.

Backpacking, tide pooling, and hunting for agates are just a few of her hobbies. And then there’s travel. Some of her most meaningful experiences have come from her personal journeys—both near and far from home. A couple of her favorites include studying journalism abroad in Rabat and Casablanca, Morocco and learning Arabic, and on a four-day kayaking trip in the San Juans, she and a friend came across a harbor porpoises herding and hunting fish.


Robert Heacock

Heritage Guide
S.S. Legacy

Robert grew up east of the Cascade Mountains in Kennewick, Washington. Though he’s seen much of the U.S. and world, he’s still drawn to the east side of the state, close to the route of Lewis & Clark. He and his wife live in Liberty Lake near Spokane, a location that gives him opportunities to indulge in his favorites—hiking and boating.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from Washington State University, Robert worked as a grain buyer and crop insurance manager. He also spent over 20 years chasing the legends, lore, and paths of Lewis & Clark. Fascinated by the Corps of Discovery, he authored a book, Wind hard from the west that detailed the expedition’s course. Robert is a member and past president of the Washington Chapter of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. His specializes in Pacific Northwest history and agriculture, Ice Age floods, and, you guessed it, Lewis & Clark.

No stranger to travel, you might not hear him but you’ll spot him—Robert’s motto is walk softly and wear a loud shirt. A motto that certainly helped him snag rides on a hitchhiking trip to Phoenix and back. Robert has sailed the Pacific from Long Beach to Berkeley, continent-hopped to Europe, and cruised on the U.S.S. Constitution, a 1790s frigate. You can be sure he has sampled a bit of ice cream along the way. He takes pride in having taught all 7 of his grandkids how to eat ice cream.


Sarah Bernstein

Expedition Guide
Safari Explorer

Nature has its own way of keeping balance, and so does Sarah. And the two are usually intertwined. Sarah lives in the Bahamas, grew up in Colorado, but if given the chance, she could likely be from just about anywhere—a result of all the traveling and schooling she did abroad.

Sarah spent time at school and adventuring in Central and South America. Teaching English and surfing in Mexico. In Costa Rica, working in sea turtle conservation and monkey rehabilitation. And has even led research expeditions studying giant tortoises in the Galápagos! Other jobs include scuba/snorkel /kayak guide; marine researcher; and marine science, astronomy, and physics teacher. Touting degrees in political science and Latin American history from Evergreen State College, and a Master’s in education—environmental education and sustainability curriculum—from the University of Washington, she’s also a certified Wilderness First Responder, BCU (British Canoe Union) level 3 coach, and an EMT. When it comes to inspiration, Sarah makes connecting with and becoming stewards of nature an easy choice.

This singing nature-nerd gets excited about everything (and makes up songs about everything too)—she’s especially fond of barnacles and moss. Imagine her excitement kayaking in the middle of a super pod of over 90 orcas, with a female teaching her baby to hunt among them. Sarah knows a lot about astrology, and loves a good sunset and bioluminescence. Making art block prints, jewelry out of found objects, paddle boarding, reading, hiking, cooking, and gardening all top her favorite-things-to-do list.


Sarah Friedlander

Expedition Leader & Lead Expedition Guide
Safari Endeavour

Sarah hails from just outside of Washington, DC in Herndon, Virginia, and attended university in her home state. When she took a global development class in Bangladesh, she discovered there were many places she might like to call home for a while. Having spent time traveling near and far, she’s still deciding where she’d like to settle down next and has spent the last two years happily blowing with the wind.

Sarah earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and also holds her Wilderness First Responder and First Aid/AED certifications. This wild planet is her favorite classroom and she’s not only taught others, but learned so much through her past jobs working in outdoor education and leading adventure trips.

When not pointing out wildlife and natural wonders to Un-Cruise Adventures guests, Sarah spends her time surfing or sailing, getting creative knitting or painting, or challenging friends to a good game of cards. She also spends her time dreaming up travel—one of her favorite things. At the top of her list of favorite travels are Myanmar and Malaysia where she got to experience new cultures, visit relatives, and took time to watch the sunset nearly every night.


Stephanie Gallo

Expedition Guide
Safari Endeavour

Stephanie grew up in the Windy City, and has called Chicago her home base on and off over the years. She is most at home though when she’s traveling and has a hard time sticking in one place for too long. During her college years, Stephanie moved 12 times to different Chicago neighborhoods since that was the closest she could get to “exploring” while attending school.

She earned her degree in earth sciences from University of Illinois, Chicago and holds Wilderness and Remote EMT, Wilderness first Responder, Lifeguard Instructor, and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certifications. A former ski patroller in New Mexico, Stephanie has guided multi-week backpacking trips throughout the American Southwest. Though she is always on the move travelling, there are plenty of constants in her life—namely, seeking out opportunities to watch the changes in flora, fauna, and geology across seasons, and years.

With talents in spades—ask her about her handstand skills—Stephanie is most passionate about geology and how it intertwines with biology. Stephanie is always excited to share her rock knowledge with others. It’s equally important to her to travel through the wilderness with companions as it is to find quiet solitude outdoors, too. A couple of her favorite trips—kayaking in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico and a solo hiking Colorado’s Mt. Elbert, the second highest peak in the lower 48. After 11 hours on the trail, passing very few others, she made it to the top and had the summit all to herself.


Taylor Loyden

Expedition Guide
Safari Endeavour

Growing up in a place nicknamed the “Sunshine City”, Taylor spent many a day outside. From St. Petersburg, Florida, the hometown of her youth, she heeded the call of the mountains—she loves climbing and snowboarding after all. These days, she lives 7,000 feet above sea level in Park City, Utah.

Taylor earned an environmental business degree from University of North Florida. She has certifications in Wilderness First Responder, Non-violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention, and Swift Water Rescue. She’s put those skills to use as a ropes course facilitator, environmental education ranger, and as a wilderness field instructor with Outward Bound for at-risk groups. Taylor’s areas of specialty include apex predators, native lore, and environmentalism. In all of her work, she is constantly motivated to keep learning—about her surroundings, wildlife, and himself.

Her rule of the road is to have a plan, but leave room for whim and wonder—and call mom occasionally. She recently had the opportunity to follow her travel rule on a mountaineering expedition in Patagonia. A 2a.m. “alpine start” had Taylor and her team hiking up a small volcano. Trekking across a snowfield, they were treated to a meteor shower and arrived at the summit just in time to see the sun beginning to rise over the Andes. There’s magic everywhere!


Taylor Wilson-Primm

Heritage Guide
S.S. Legacy

A Tennessean, Taylor grew up on farms herding cows by horse and playing with goats and dogs. Though landlocked, she found her way to the nearest water. At a nearby lake, she could fish away an afternoon. These days, her home is the road. Taylor is happiest when she is traveling—especially if those travels take her near or on the water.

With a degree in geology from University of Tennessee, she’s put her focus on rocks and travel. Taylor holds certifications in First Aid/CPR/AED, Leave No Trace, Search and Rescue, and Verbal Judo. In her work, she’s worn many hats. An outdoor youth development program field instructor, Wallowa State Park ranger, farm stable manager. She guided horseback winery tours in Australia and was an interpreter at a hammer museum. Yes, hammers—that handy tool for pounding in nails. While unique, each job fits a common theme. Taylor loves to work outside, in beautiful places, learning an area’s history.

One of her favorite things is to be in the middle of nowhere but surrounded by people. Recently, she went on a road trip with friends to see U.S. national parks in the west. One morning at 5am, she found herself hiking a Yosemite trail with a precipitous section of only very steep stairs and no handrail. Have we mentioned she’s not a morning person and doesn’t like heights? She was simply following her motto, courtesy of Andre Gide; “man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." We say, well done, and Taylor definitely earned relaxing hammock time after that!


Teresa Whipple

Expedition Guide
Safari Endeavour

A Tennessean by birth, Teresa has traveled to all seven continents and has lived on four. Throughout her travels, she always finds herself coming back to the Pacific Northwest—the best place on earth, in her opinion. Embracing the “small living” lifestyle, Teresa is an expert at minimalist packing and makes her home ship-to-ship these days.

With her passion for all things wild, it seemed to Teresa that the guiding profession chose her to take it on as her vocation. She has guided at all ends of the earth including Tide Rip Grizzly Tours on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and Estancia Rincon Chico in Patagonia, Argentina. In addition to her in-the-field experience, Teresa received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics and has her 50 Ton captain’s license. She is also certified in Small Vessel Operator Proficiency, American Canoe Association Kayak Level 2, and as a Wilderness First Responder.

With her not-so-secret love of language, it’s no surprise that Teresa spent time in the Shetland Islands of Scotland learning to properly intonate Gaelic words. What may come as a slight surprise, though, is her amazing aptitude for speaking whale. Yes, we did actually mean “whale.” Ask her demonstrate when you see her aboard your ship.


Travis Reed

Expedition Leader
Wilderness Discoverer

Travis grew up in warm, palm-tree lined Southern California. After college, he found his path leading to Alaska, by way of New Zealand—you could say he took the long route! These days, he calls Denali, Alaska home with frequent visits back to California to see his family and travels to new places in between work seasons.

Originally planning to be a teacher, Travis earned his degree in mathematics from the University of California, Riverside. After his first season guiding ATV tours in Denali, he realized he could teach others about some of the world’s most stunning places outside of the confines of a classroom and his course is set on the guiding life. Travis also holds a Wilderness First Responder certification and has extensive experience working in Alaska’s interior as well as guiding in Belize and Colorado.

Learning and sharing hold equal weight with Travis. This season, he’s looking forward to uncovering travel stories from the experiences of his fellow crewmembers and guests, and exploring parts of Alaska he hasn’t yet seen. Swapping stories seems to be a special talent of his, even when language barriers exist. On a 2-month homestay in Gharmi Village, Nepal, despite not knowing much Nepalese or his hosts much English, they managed to trade jokes back and forth throughout each night’s dinner until everyone’s sides ached. Be sure to share a story or two with Travis when you sail with him through Alaska!


Tyler Stern

Expedition Guide
Safari Endeavour

Growing up in San Diego, California, Tyler had a strong connection with the water. Beach volleyball, surfing, body surfing, scuba diving, fishing—anything outside was something he wanted to do. These days, he lives out of a suitcase most of the year finding unexpected opportunities by following his personal #1 travel rule—be flexible!

Tyler has a degree in finance from San Diego State University and is a Wilderness First Responder. He’s been a kayak and glacier hiking guide in Valdez and Chilean Patagonia, a kayak guide and whale watching naturalist in the San Juan Islands and a kayak, snorkeling, and whale watching guide in San Diego. We sense a theme… and think he’s also earned the title of Mr. Kayak. Tyler specializes in marine life, ecosystems, tides and currents, and of course, technical kayaking. Sharing his passion and knowledge with others and helping them build a connection with the natural world are what motivates him each day.

Tyler believes where there’s a will, there’s a way. This guiding principle once found him following the same migration as an arctic tern. Really. Be sure to ask him about it, and he’ll give you the exciting play-by-play. Another guiding principle is his belief that one should travel to Mexico more often than one already does—as we write this from rainy Seattle, we couldn’t agree more!


Wilson Barrett

Expedition Guide
Wilderness Explorer

Wilson is a true native Seattleite and has continued to live in the area on and off for the past handful of years. During one of the “off” periods he lived in Peru during a study abroad program and these days his habitat changes by the sailing season, with the down times bringing him back to the Evergreen State.

Highly experienced in the travel industry, Wilson’s education includes the formal kind—he has a degree in recreation and tourism from Western Washington University, and holds a number of certifications—Wilderness First Responder, Red Cross lifeguard instructor, First Aid/CPR/AED, and PADI diving. He also has the practical experience having worked as a kayak guide in Hawaii, senior lifeguard and lifeguard manager, and guiding aboard cruise vessels. Over the years, Wilson has specialized in eco-tourism, anthropology, coastline wildlife, and paddle boarding

It also happens that Wilson specializes in embarking on travel adventures himself. One such trip took him and a few cousins to Baja by van for the surfing and kiteboarding, as well as into a few arroyos where they got stuck on washed out roads. On another kind of adventure, he coached swimming for the Special Olympics—and there can be no greater reward than watching others reach a hard-earned goal while also having fun!