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Leadership Team


Captain Dan Blanchard


We've all heard a tall tale or two, but when it comes to Captain Dan Blanchard—well, he's the real thing. Growing up in Washington State, he has always been around boats. Even as a kid, Dan worked alongside other family members restoring the family's wooden tug. And the reward of all that hard work paid off in a big way—exploring winding waterways, beachcombing on remote shores, oyster picking and clam digging, learning to skin dive, incredible wildlife and cultural encounters, and a lifetime on the water. At this point, it's just part of his genetic makeup.

Dan's unassailable career began early. As an accomplished Sea Scout, his leadership skills earned him honors of Regional Boatswain and National Boatswain Mate when he was 16. At 18, he received his Ship Master's License. He attended Everett Community College, and from there he's lived a storied-tale—owner and operator of Blanchard Marine; Captain of sightseeing vessels at Glacier Bay Lodge in Alaska; 14 years at Alaska Sightseeing/Cruise West working through the ranks from Captain to Director of Marine Operations to Vice President of Operations; and in 1999, he joined American Safari Cruises. Dan acquired the company in 2008 and as Principal/CEO, launched InnerSea Discoveries, a new small boat expedition company specializing in active adventures on the water. In January 2013, the company changed its name to Un-Cruise Adventures.

A natural storyteller (2012 winner of Seattle's annual "Stories of the Sea" contest), enthusiastic skier and cyclist, energetic hiker, world-explorer in off-the-chart places, accomplished sailor, ocean lover, lover of the natural world, and lover of life are just a few of the tags and feverish passions you can pin on Dan. And in May 2013, he was adopted into a native Tlingit tribe. He's living the dream and wouldn't have it any other way. For Dan, it can't get much sweeter with both of his kids in the biz working beside him—it's safe to say it's in their genes too.


Tim Jacox

President & COO

No stranger to adventure, Tim acquired a taste for travel as a high school foreign exchange student in Germany. That experience cemented this Montana native’s lifelong passion for exploring the world. Graduating from the University of Montana with high honors, Tim began his travel-oriented career serving in the US Navy.

For the first 20 of his 30 years in the industry, Tim worked for Alaska Sightseeing/Cruise West beginning with summer operations in Fairbanks, Alaska and winters as Director of Sales and Marketing in Seattle and culminating with a 12-year term as Vice President of Land and Marine Operations. Before joining American Safari Cruises in 2001, he was Vice President of Automotive Services for AAA Washington, a Southeast Alaska Tourism Council board member, and legislative chairman of the Passenger Vessel Association. In 2008, he partnered with Dan on the launch of InnerSea Discoveries. Tim feels lucky to share amazing destinations like Alaska, the Sea of Cortés, and his own backyard including the San Juan Islands.

Not one to follow the ethos of “all work and no play,” his curious nature has inspired personal explorations too, including to Havana, Cuba in 1998 where he soaked up the city’s colorful culture, architecture, old cars, and arts and crafts markets. Tim lives without regrets and, though he did turn down a chance to be in the same University of Denver graduate program as Condoleezza Rice, he wouldn’t change a thing. If you twisted his arm and made him change occupations, he’d be okay being Jackson Browne’s travel manager or an NBA player (if only he’d been blessed with “hops,” a usable left hand, and half a foot more height). He’s excited to keep his existing dream job though and watch out on the courts—he plans to dominate the over-80 pick-up basketball league (just don’t tell his knees)!


Eric Gier


Living in states that begin with a vowel for most of his life—Idaho, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Alaska, Oregon and Utah—you could say Eric’s move to Washington 25 years ago was a big step in a new direction. But for someone experienced with living in, visiting, and discovering new places regularly, finding himself very happily in the travel industry is right on target. From Central America to Asia and India, to the San Juan Islands and Alaska, he’s seen many incredible corners of the world.

One of Eric’s biggest life motivators is the simple, important act of learning. Variety may be the spice of life but continual education is the main dish for Eric! With a Culinary Arts degree, he began his career as a pastry chef and then restaurant manager in Alaska, before returning to school wanting to know more. A Master’s Degree in Food Sciences and Engineering led him to be a food flavorist, only to be followed by an MBA in finance. During his time as an international business development consultant, he found his way to UnCruise Adventures where he’s been sharing his exceptionally unique—and exceptionally ideal—skills with us since 2009.

Hands-down, his favorite part of working here is the phenomenal team. A close second is the amazing variety of work that allows him opportunities to learn every day. Not one to sit idly for long, he is one of our most consistent bike commuters, no doubt using his time in the saddle to devise delicious new recipes and opportunities for business growth.

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