Glossary of Nautical and UCA Terms

Nautical and UCA Terms (helpful acronyms are listed separately, below)
Aft The rear of the boat
ASC American Safari Cruises, a former name of UnCruise Adventures
Beam Measurement of a boat at its widest point
Berth A place to sleep aboard a boat; also, a boat slip
Bilge Deepest part inside the ship's hull where leakage and moisture collect
Blue Boat An UnCruise Adventures vessel with a blue hull indicating it is one of our generously inclusive styles of cruising boats (we also refer to the black-hulled S.S. Legacy this way)
Bow Forward portion of a boat (pointy end)
Bridge Location from which the boat is steered; also called the Pilot house
Bulkhead A vertical partition separating compartments (a wall)
Chart A map for use by navigators
Cleat Hardware piece on a boat or a dock to which lines are attached
Companionway A hallway, although it typically refers to a stairwell in classical nautical terminology
Deck Term usually referring to "the floor" of the interior or exterior of the vessel
Dog A latch or handle for fastening down a hatch or tightening a door; "dog the door"
Draft The depth of water a boat draws
Employee Portal Employee resource online where employees maintain current information as relates to their employment: contact information (current address, current telephone, current email), emergency contact information, direct deposit details, tax withholding information, etc. W2 information is supplied via the Employee Portal, and company policy updates are posted there for employees to acknowledge. The web address is
Fantail A deck that protrudes over the stern of the ship
Fathom 6 feet
Fo'c'sle (fohk-suhl) Short for forecastle; a superstructure in the bow of a ship where the crew is housed
Galley Kitchen
Gangway The area of a ship's side where people board and disembark
Green Boat An UnCruise Adventures vessel with a green hull indicating it is one of our adventure cruising / expedition vessels
Hatch An opening in a boat's deck (floor) fitted with a watertight cover
Head Toilet facilities or the room where they are located
Hull The structural body of the boat that rests in the water
In-Season When the boat sails with guests (not a Shipyard or Start-Up period)
ISD Innersea Discoveries - the parent company and former name of UnCruise Adventures' Active Adventure style of cruising
Keel The centerline of a boat running fore and aft; the backbone of a vessel
Knot Speed measured in nautical miles per hour
Lazarette (aka "The Laz") A storage space in a boat's stern area
Line Rope and cordage used aboard a vessel
Muster To gather for roll call, also "muster station" - the place where people gather
Nautical Mile A distance of 6,076.12 feet or 1,852 meters, which is about 15 percent longer than a statute mile; equivalent to one minute of latitude on a navigation chart
Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Life jacket, a safety vest or jacket capable of keeping an individual afloat
Piling A post driven into the ground below the waterline to support a pier, dock, etc
Pilot House Location from which the boat is steered, also known as the Bridge
Pontoon Boat A type of boat with a flat deck attached to airtight flotation tubes or logs
Port The left side of a boat when facing the bow; also a marina, harbor, or commercial dock
Propeller (prop) A rotating multi-blade device that propels a boat through the water
Quarters Living and sleeping areas of a vessel
Rope Never say rope. Say “line.”
Rubrail Protective outer bumper that runs around the boat at the point where the top deck meets the hull
Shipyard Refers to the period of time during the off-season that the vessel has ongoing maintenance projects and hasn't been fully "put back together" in a passenger-ready state; also an actual "yard" where ships go for maintenance
Skiff A small, simple, shallow-draft boat
Starboard The right side of the boat looking toward the bow
Start-Up The period of time pre-season when the crew reports to the vessel for training
Stateroom A room with sleeping quarters, a cabin. However, at UCA this is an old, discontinued term. Always refer to sleeping quarters as cabins.
Station Bill List of crew and each person's responsibilities in the event of an emergency
Stern Aft (rear) portion of a boat
Turn Day Also known as “Turnaround Day.” This both the first and the last day of every voyage. It’s the day where last week’s guests (and their luggage) disembark the ship, the entire vessel is scrubbed from top to bottom and from inside to outside, new stores for the week are brought onboard (food, liquor, parts, supplies, etc), last week’s trash is off-loaded, crew may switch out depending on their rotation schedules, and this week’s guests (and their luggage) arrive 6-8 hours after last week’s guests leave. IT IS A BUSY, BUSY DAY.
Underway A boat in motion (not tied to a dock)
Wake Waves created by a moving boat
Weigh To raise anchor
Windlass Rotating drum device used for hauling line or chain to raise and lower an anchor
UCA UnCruise Adventures
Yard See Shipyard, above
Helpful Terms and Acronyms
ADP Automatic Data Processing, Inc: the company that manages the Employee Portal and provides payroll services for UCA.
JLM Juneau Land Management
JNU Airport code for Juneau
KTN Airport code for Ketchikan
KOA Airport code for Kona
MKK Airport code for Molokai
OPS Operations
PDX Airport code for Portland
PTY Airport code for Panama City
REPO Repositioning
SEA Airport code for Seattle
SEN Safari Endeavour
SFX Safari Explorer
SIT Airport code for Sitka
SJD Airport code for San Jose del Cabo
SJO Airport code for San Jose, Costa Rica
SLY S.S. Legacy
SQU Safari Quest
SVO Safari Voyager
VLT Vessel Leadership Team. Typically the Captain, Chief Mate, Hotel Manager, Expedition Leader, Chief Engineer.
VMT Vessel Management Team. Includes all members of the VLT as well as 2nd Mate, Chef, Lead Steward, and Lead Guide.
WAV Wilderness Adventurer
WEX Wilderness Explorer
WND Wilderness Discoverer