For Cruisers Who Prefer Flippers to Stilettos

Jocelyn Pride swims, snorkels, kayaks and hikes around Hawaii aboard the 36-berth Safari Explorer
By Jocelyn Pride, Cruise Passenger

Mother Nature's orchestra is playing. Low melodic cymbal-like grunts and groans suddenly change to piercing shrieks higher than the trill of a piccolo. It's hauntingly beautiful and strangely restful. I'm being lulled to sleep by a whale.

Hawaii is the breeding waters for Northern Hemisphere humpbacks. Listening to whale song puts a different spin on "nightly entertainment". The inbuilt hydrophone hooked up to the TV/DVD sond system in each of the 18 snug but elegent cabins on board the Safari Explorer is all part of Un-Cruise Adventures' "unexpected encounters" promise.

Dan Blanchard, CEO of Seattle-based Un-Cruise Adventures is also on board (and on holiday). Like his vessels, Dan is built for adventure. He looks more comfortable jumping off the deck than sitting behind a desk. "People are looking for a challenge," Dan says. "We love it when guests step out of their comfort zone and open themselves to nature."

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