In Mexico, a Cruise Among Critters

A small ship adventure in the Sea of Cortez delivers bucket-list encounters with creatures great and small.
By Dale Leatherman, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Our guide yelled, “In the water, now!” and 10 of us scurried to the swim platform, awkwardly duckwalking in our fins, holding masks and snorkels in place as we plunged into the dark ocean. Restless from the previous day’s weather front, the sea rolled in great swells, lifting and scattering us like bathtub toys.

I quickly put my mask in the water, rotating to see beneath the surface around me. With a jolt I realized I was staring down the throat of a gigantic whale shark. Mouth open wide, she was feeding near the surface, filtering plankton through her gills. Slowly the 30-foot-long behemoth slid by me, aware of my presence but unconcerned.

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