Ocean Safari

An Alaska small-ship adventure cruise brings passengers up close to humpback whales, bald eagles, and one of the Great Land’s only growing glaciers.
By Michael Shapiro, Virtuoso Traveler

OUR DAY AT SEA begins with yoga on the top deck. As about a dozen of us early risers arch into downward dog, we hear the tail slap of a humpback whale on the ship’s starboard side, then a resounding splash on its port. Our instructor understands as we all make a beeline for the rail, where we find not one, but a pod of colossal humpbacks surfacing, the sheen of their slick black fins catching the morning sunshine.

I’m on day five of a seven-night cruise in southeast Alaska aboard a small ship called the Safari Endeavour, which takes no more than 84 guests on each voyage. It’s no coincidence that this alternative to typical Inside Passage cruises is offered by a company named Un-Cruise Adventures.

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