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Summer Camp Alaska

By Peggy Newland, Nashua Telegraph

“We are all by ourselves,” I say to my husband, Brian, as we kayak along Walker Cove in Southeast Alaska. Cliffs rise 3000 feet above us, thick spruce line sheer valleys, and bald eagles land on branches directly over our heads. A loon cry echoes against the granite. A Sitka deer skitters behind fern outcroppings. A hawk hovers. 

“Yosemite on the ocean,” Brian finally responds. We are drifting, awe-stuck, in Misty Fjords National Monument, on Day One, of a seven-day Wilderness Discovery jaunt with UnCruise. In the distance, the 38-cabin small ship is a dot on the horizon, but the day is long, so we continue to a waterfall, our kayak slipping beneath mist.