Uncharted Waters

Cruisers, cast off your expectations for a Pacific Northwest adventure
By Fran Golden, Virtuoso Life

The sky was angry, and the sheer rock walls cried waterfalls from peaks reaching 5,000 feet. Yet I was having the time of my life paddling a kayak around remote Princess Louisa Inlet with my partner, rain dripping off our baseball caps. With the runoff came debri - tree limbs, leaves, rocks, mud. Mother Nature was cleaning house, reshaping the landscape, and we were witness. At the far end of the inlet, you could hear glacier-fed Chatterbox Falls living up to its nam.

We'd come to the western British Columbia fjord on Un-Cruise Adventures' 22-passenger Safari Quest to unplug from a few hectic summer months - something, I learned, Princess Louisa is made for: the inlet's geography requires yacht captains to enter on slack tide. Anything else, and the reversing Malibu Rapids seals the inlet off from the rest of the world.

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