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What Happened When I Took My 10-Year-Old Son on a Meditation Cruise

By Judy Koutsky, Conde Nast Traveler

You’ve heard it everywhere from CNN to the New York Times: Stress and anxiety levels in kids have reached such an all-time high, many schools are teaching mindfulness and meditation in the classroom to help combat the effects. With kids on overload from too many activities and commitments, meditation offers them the chance to slow down and quiet the mind. My son, Jack, started learning these calming practices in his (progressive) preschool, but by fourth grade, I thought it would be good for a refresher course. Like almost all his ten-year-old friends, he, too, has a packed itinerary (hockey, basketball, soccer, chess, homework every night), and I wanted to give him the chance to be able to experience things without being on autopilot. What better place to learn than on vacation, when you’re away from daily distractions and pressures, and generally more willing to try new things?