Bienvenido! (Welcome in Spanish!)

In the wake of author John Steinbeck’s and marine biologist Ed Ricketts’ high-spirited expedition to the Sea of Cortés, we welcome you aboard for your own journey of exploration. We’ll bring you up-close to natural beauty, fascinating culture, and a land and sea brimming with wildlife. Our enthusiastic crew will enrich you with knowledge, immerse you in fun, and pamper you with personal touches on this adventure of a lifetime.

Here are two guides to help you prepare for your upcoming adventure:

Need To Know

This guide includes important information about your expedition vessel and will provide assistance with your vacation planning. Download your Need To Know PDF.

Destination Information

The Sea of Cortés, also known as Sea of Cortez, Vermilion Sea, and the Gulf of California, is the body of water that separates the Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. With a coastline of approximately 2,500 miles, its surface area is about 62,000 square miles. Learn more about Mexico's Sea of Cortés and the ports where you'll be embarking or disembarking. Download your Mexico Destination Information PDF.

At anytime during your voyage, please feel free to direct your questions, concerns or comments to the Captain or Expedition Leader. Our goal is to provide an enriched experience and long-cherished memories!