Travel Protection Frequently Asked Questions

This is a partial description of benefits. For a summary of plan details on coverages, benefits, limitations and exclusions of the protection plan, please refer to the applicable Description of Coverage. This plan provides insurance coverage for a covered trip. The purchase of travel insurance is not required to purchase any other product or service from the travel retailer. You may already have coverage that provides similar benefits and you may wish to compare the terms of this coverage with your existing coverage. If you have questions about your current coverage, call your insurer or agent. The travel retailer is not qualified to answer questions about the benefits, exclusions or conditions of the travel insurance. Travel Insurance is underwritten by Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio; NAIC #10952. 1314618

Travel Protection Details

Q: What does the travel protection plan offer?

The Travel Protection plan helps provide coverage under the following base plan benefits: Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Travel Delay/Missed Cruise Connection, Baggage Delay, Baggage & Personal Effects, Emergency Medical & Dental Expense, Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation, 24 Hour Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and more.

Q: What is included under non-refundable costs?

Non-refundable costs include all of your covered trip deposits/payments that would be forfeited and non-refundable due to cancellation prior to trip departure. Some examples include cruise, tour and airline ticket costs. Be sure to consult your travel coordinator to determine what costs are non-refundable for your particular trip as cancellation policies vary.

Q: How do the protection plan benefits work?

The travel protection plan will allow you to claim against the plan for specific covered reasons and events, subject to all terms and conditions of the plan.

Q: What is a Pre-Existing Medical Condition and can a pre-existing condition be covered under this plan?

A pre-existing condition is a medical condition for which there is treatment, or a recommendation for treatment, diagnostic test or exam; or for which drugs or medicines are prescribed during the 60 day period prior to the date the plan payment has been received by the Policyholder. This plan does provide a waiver for pre-existing conditions. Please also note that you may be eligible for coverage for losses caused by reasons other than those related to an existing medical condition. In order to be eligible for the pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver, the plan must be purchased within 21 days from the date you paid your initial Covered Trip deposit.

​Q: How do I check the status of a claim I've filed?

You can check the status of your claim at any time by calling the Claims Department at 1-866-968-2061.

Q: What should I do if I need assistance during the course of the trip?

The 24-Hour Travel Assistance & Concierge Services, provided by On Call International, are there for you around the clock during your covered trip. While traveling, one toll-free call gives you access to a variety of travel services such as medical emergency assistance and lost baggage retrieval. See the Description of Coverage for contact information.

​Q: How do I file a claim?

File a claim by simply calling Travelex at 1-866-968-2061 or faxing your claim to 1-877-367-2496. To print a claim form, visit the Travelex website and choose the "File and Claim" option.