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The Big 15

Sep 07, 2016
Category: Galapagos La Pinta 

Berit Elvejord, UnCruise Adventures

Last year, Metropolitan Touring debuted a collaborative list sourced from scholars, naturalist guides and island connoisseurs discussing the unique wildlife that calls the Galápagos home. The Big 15 showcases the diversit…
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Tags : animals, wildlife

Orca Play Date

Sep 02, 2016
Category: Alaska Safari Endeavour Wildlife 

Sarah Friedlander, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

Alaska showed us something we see rarely, something we only see once every three or four weeks – orcas. Not only did we see orcas, but we saw them close. Two days later, we saw more and they were just as…
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Tags : breaching, Orca, whales
Category: Alaska Wilderness Explorer Wildlife 

Ellie Bryant, Wilderness Explorer

This week on the Wilderness Explorer has been particularly awesome, from polar-plunging in front of Sawyer Glacier to seeing adolescent sea lions jockey for position to look at a group of kayakers from barely ten feet away.…
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Tags : kayak, Sounds, whale
Category: Alaska Wilderness Discoverer Activities 

Mareth Griffith, Expedition Guide, Wilderness Discoverer

The day before the Wilderness Discoverer was due to arrive in Sitka, we anchored in the Magoun Islands for one final day of adventuring before returning to civilization and saying goodbye to our guest…
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Tags : kayaking
Natalie Javadi, UnCruise

You’ve heard about it in history lessons; the expansive, 50-mile route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is world renowned. You’ve also probably heard about its crucial role in facilitating and maintaining international mar…
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