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Cave Creations

Oct 21, 2016
Category: Alaska Wilderness Discoverer Activities 

Lucy Marcus, Expedition Guide, Wilderness Discoverer

Deep within the cold black cave there is total darkness. The only sound emanates from the dripping water that echoes off the jagged rock walls.This was the moment our group got to experience what bears fe…
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Tags : cave, El Capitan
Category: Alaska Wilderness Explorer 

Crew, Wilderness Explorer

The expectation on vacation in southeast Alaska is to see grand landscapes, view a plethora of wildlife and witness phenomenal events. The experience however, is not complete without opening oneself to using every one of the senses…
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Tags : nature, senses, smells

Not Your Ordinary Day

Oct 20, 2016
Category: Alaska Wilderness Adventurer Whales Wildlife 

Dawn Pauley, Lead Expedition Guide, Wilderness Adventurer

It started off like any normal Alaskan day. 126 days had passed since the start of the season. As I prepared for my next kayaking trip, I studied the maps and decided to add a little more adventure i…
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Tags : kayaking, Orca, whale

The Unknown Beyond

Oct 19, 2016
Category: Alaska Safari Endeavour Wildlife 

UnCruise Adventures Crew, Safari Endeavour

In a temperate rainforest like the Tongass National Forest, crystal clear blue skies are a rarity. More often than not, we are treated to partly, if not fully cloudy days.However, on some days, these clouds descend…
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Tags : fog, sea lions
Category: Safari Endeavour Mexico Sea of Cortés 

Sarah Bernstein, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

Spring in the desert islands of the Sea of Cortés is a beautiful sight. This changing of the season was ever apparent as we pulled up to the white sandy beaches of Montserrat Island.Here the crystal clear …
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