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Thumbnail for Manta Ray Magic
The awe of it all makes all those comfort zone fears completely melt away.
Thumbnail for The Biggest Fish In The World
There was a sudden flurry of activity as everyone tried to remember which group they were in and where they had put their fins, masks and cameras. Edgar motioned us to hurry as we neared the shark that looked like a blotchy grey disk below the water. Suddenly, Edgar was jumping in and obviously expected us to follow.
Thumbnail for Snorkeling with a Giant
I would look closer and there would in fact be a whale shark with its maw gaping, positioned almost vertically in the water just a couple of feet away!
Thumbnail for Bubble Net Feeding: An Elusive Sight to See
“Humpbacks, dead ahead!” The voice said. “If you can hear this... get out on deck right now!
Thumbnail for The Standup Paddle Board Competition
It all started with some friendly trash talk.

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