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Thumbnail for Hawaii's Day Octopus
While most of the world’s octopi hunt and feed at night, Hawaii’s Day Octopus is an exception to that rule. Luckily for us snorkelers, this master of disguise is much easier to spot when moving about during daylight hours.
Thumbnail for Cruising the Snake River
Day three on the Columbia & Snake River Cruise is a day to relax, make new friends and unwind after your travels to the S.S. Legacy and a busy day two. It's cruising day!
Thumbnail for Guava Lava Cocktail
Looking for a way to transport yourself quickly to a warmer, sunnier, place full of Aloha? Try making this delicious cocktail at home.
Thumbnail for Bonneville Dam & Multnomah Falls
A day-by-day look at the S.S. Legacy's Columbia & Snake Rivers cruise roundtrip Portland, Oregon. What activities are included each day?
Thumbnail for Cruising for Critters Off Hawai'i's Kona Coast
The afternoon before our Manta Ray night snorkel, we headed out to look for marine mammals off the Kona Coastline we found an unexpected delight; a school of at least thirty Hammerhead sharks!

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