Endicott Arm Appeal

Jan 08, 2016

Sarah Scoltock, UnCruise Adventures

UnCruise Adventures’ weeklong cruises in the remote wilderness of Alaska are memorable trips with a focus on nature and up close wildlife, plus outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, skiffs and paddle boarding.

One of our favorite lesser-known places in Alaska is Endicott Arm with Dawes Glacier and Fords Terror Wilderness.

The large cruise ships don’t usually venture into Endicott Arm; they visit Tracy Arm fjord instead. Endicott Arm is marked by rugged mountains, deep u-shaped valleys and towering waterfalls.

At the head of the fjord is a tidewater glacier. Keep an eye peeled for wildlife: bears, deer, mountain goats, eagles and harbor seals.


See how our ship is dwarfed by the grandness of this fjord?


Exploring the fjord by skiff


Shoreline exploration and up close with a waterfall


Icebergs adrift


Fords Terror— Do you see the current?

Fords Terror is named after a naval crewman in 1899 that rowed his dinghy into the narrow fjord at slack tide and then got stuck in terrible (and terrifying) currents.


Spend time near the face of Dawes Glacier and watch for calving


Guests on UnCruise Alaskan cruises are often treated to a glacier calving show, as seen below where guests from the Safari Endeavour witnessed massive chunks calve from the face of Dawes Glacier.

Which itineraries visit Endicott Arm?

Glacier Bay Small Ship Cruise (2 days in GBNP, visits Endicott)
Alaska Fjords and Glaciers (Visits Endicott)
Fjords of Alaska Cruise- Ultimate Expedition (Endicott & GBNP)
Glacier Bay Small Ship Cruise- Fitness & Yoga (Endicott, 2 days in GBNP)

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