Wonderfully Windy

Jan 04, 2017

Crew, Safari Endeavour

Wind. It’s a fact down here in Baja. You can’t run from it, you can only hide. But luckily, we always have a plan.

Each week as new guests board the Safari Endeavour and we set sail for another trip through paradise, we explain to our new adventurers our, “plan from which to deviate.”

This means that there are way too many hidden coves, pearly white beaches, sunken treasures and stunning vistas to see in just one week. It’s a good problem to have and it means we will never run out of options. However, this past week, nature put that plan to the test.

Snorkeling Underwater in Mexico

Pulling out of the protected waters at La Paz, there is no denying the weather. This time of year as strong winter storms pummel the United States and blanket the north with great white sheets of ice, the winds come shrieking down from that same direction, funneling down through the skinny Sea of Cortez.

Any anchorage not shielded might lead to an excessively bumpy ride and lots of sand in your drink.

So what do we do? We deviate!

Rounding a corner, suddenly the wind dies down, the skies seem a bit clearer and there are more magnificent frigates and blue footed boobies crowding the skies than ever before. Even amidst the storm, a serene beach lies before us, complete with crystal clear waters and plenty of space for a hike through a stunning mangrove forest (the only place to find 5 species of mangrove intermingling on these islands).

Island Hiking

Another day brings us to the sleepy town of San Evaristo, home to the evaporation ponds that produce the regions near-perfect salts. Friendly locals bid us welcome for the first time this season, and spiny lobster cover the rocks in one of the best snorkel spots we’ve ever seen.

Beautiful Snorkeling Spot

Secret new spots persist, like sunny Punto Lubona, complete with coral forests as far as the eye can see, and giant grouper swimming past your kayak.

In the final moments of a well spent week, it turns out that those strong winds have been pushing water into the sandbar at Magote Island all week, causing a plankton bloom that is being feasted upon by countless whale sharks.

Whale Sharks!

We dive in to swim with these gentle giants, and take a moment to marvel at the fact that we are now so thankful for those pesky winds that howled past our ears all week.

So Many Whale Sharks

Unbelievable! A week unlike any before, and a perfect reminder that a good plan goes a long way.

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