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Nathan Krohn, UnCruise Adventures

Grab the kayaks, paddleboards and skiffs… We’re going on an adventure!

If you haven’t already heard, the S.S Legacy is returning to Alaska in spring 2018 and will be stocked with kayaks, paddleboards and skiffs, ready to explore the beauty of Southeast Alaska.

Then beginning in August, it will bring the adventures to the Columbia and Snake Rivers for the new 8-night Rivers of Adventure itinerary.

To prepare the S.S Legacy for all of these new adventures, a one-of-a kind utility vessel was designed and created by UnCruise.

Originally conceptualized by UnCruise CEO Dan Blanchard on the back of a napkin and later completed by Naval architect Nate Frederickson of Impact Naval Architects, the UnCruise Adventures Utility Vessel (UCAUV) is a kayak and skiff launch platform that attaches to the stern of the S.S. Legacy without altering any of the boats unique styling.

Oh, and it can be driven.

When the S.S. Legacy is at anchor, the UCAUV (we’re currently working on a better name) will securely attach to the back of the boat, allowing guests to easily enter kayaks, paddleboards and skiffs similar to the EZ dock platform seen on several of UnCruise’s other ships.

When the Legacy is sailing to a new destination, the UCAUV will be pulled around 100 feet behind the ship and store upwards of 12 kayaks. And if for whatever reason it needs to be moved, a crew member can actually drive the UCAUV to wherever it needs to go.

“As far as we know, there’s nothing else like it in the world,” said S.S. Legacy Port Captain, Jeff Hoerr.

The UCAUV allows for all the same functionality as the EZ dock without sacrificing any of the beauty on the S.S. Legacy.

One of the most fascinating parts of the UCAUV is that it sinks.

Two ballast tanks located at the rear fill with water and bring the back of the UCAUV down to water level, allowing the kayaks and paddleboards to slide easily into and out of the water.

A side door on the UCAUV also allows for easy access into and out of skiffs.

“We don’t usually want to force water into the boats but it’s what we’re doing here,” Hoerr said with a laugh.

Expected to be completed in late winter by Armstrong Marine, the S.S. Legacy and the new UCAUV will be ready for all sorts of new adventures as it heads up to Alaska to begin sailings on April 15.


The UCAUV is progressing well and is set to be completed soon. But actually, it's no longer called the UCAUV. We had ourselves an old fashioned voting contest here at the UnCruise office and we landed on a new name. Are you ready for it? It's pretty great.

The former UCAUV will now be called, "Sea Dragon."

If having your kayaks and paddle boards carried in a boat called the Sea Dragon doesn't excite you, I don't know what will.

Check out the progress pics of the Sea Dragon below...

Sea Dragos loading area

View from the front

Under side of the Sea Dragon

Front of the Sea Dragon

Be on the lookout for more images and videos once the Sea Dragon is completed!


The S.S. Legacy and Sea Dragon are in Alaska and the adventures have begun! Check out these shots from the past week showing this perfect match in action.

Sea Dragon in Alaska

Sea Dragon ready for adventure

The S.S. Legacy and the Sea Dragon

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