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Baja Beach Bonfire


One of the benefits of working in travel is the occasional opportunity to leave the office for research trips. I mean, really, it IS important that those of us in the office experience our own Un-Cruise Adventures so we can offer up-to-date information and draw from first hand experiences when talking to prospective guests. Even though it may look like we are having fun, we are really working hard. Really. No, really.

Linda Cavanah is our reservations manager. She had yet to experience an Un-Cruise Adventure. So out the door she went....to Baja, Mexico for a Luxury Adventure in the Sea of Cortés. And that's how she ended up at this evening beach bonfire one week in January. Linda brought back photos from her trip and stories to share.


Nothing beats friends sharing good times around a fire

One evening during the week-long cruise, dinner is served on board the boat a bit earlier than usual to leave time for the bonfire ashore. With the boat anchored off Isla del Carmen, the crew ferries supplies ashore for a comfortable evening. A makeshift bar is set up and chairs are arranged around a fire pit. Blankets are also provided for extra warmth and coziness. This is a first class operation. Comfort is important. Once set, all guests wanting to join in the evening bonfire take a short skiff ride ashore. Linda says every single guest on board her trip joined in for the bonfire. Wow! Now that is impressive.

Beach bonfire

Does anyone know a scary story?

Stargazing is phenomenal here. Away from bright lights, the stars are out like you may never have experienced before. The darkness is a canvas for exploring the stars, and we take full advantage. The expedition leader uses a laser pointer to guide your eyes while talking about the different constellations. Other knowledgable crew also chime in on identifying stars. After stargazing, it's time for music and stories. Crew may bring instruments ashore to play along and the song list is anyone's choice. What's better than singing around a campfire? How long has it been since you've done that...summer camp? And you can't leave the campfire since there is just one more story to share.

In case you like to have a cocktail or hot toddy while you relax by the bonfire, your bartender is here to serve you! Perhaps you'd like a Mexican hot chocolate? How about Kahlua, Baileys or Cognac? Ahhhh.....now this is a vacation.


Bartender Jen and her beachside bar


Linda C. with new friends at the bonfire

Linda said the bonfire was FUN. So if you find yourself sailing with us in Baja, don't miss it. She also told us that on the skiff ride back to the boat they saw glowing fish swimming around the skiff. No, they weren't drunk. It's bioluminescence--a light generated by living things through a chemical reaction. It's a spectacular sight and quite surprising the first time you see it. Sounds lovely. Thank you for the research you did on this trip Linda. We have another report coming soon.

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