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Baja Fun


By Matt Szymanowicz, expedition leader, Safari Endeavour

With sunny skies and calm seas, some days in Baja call for a little extra fun. Using our newly acquired Imat made by C4 Watermen, we decided to "open" the floating bar.

Here, steward Chris Arora is prepared and ready to serve refreshing cervezas to guests paddling by in kayaks. We are actually towing the floating mat via a line attached to the paddleboard. Yes, we are resourceful folks, bent on ensuring no thirst goes unquenched.

Serving drinks

The Safari Endeavour's swim up bar is poised and ready to serve cold drinks to parched guests in Baja

Some guests even took advantage of a "Tour de Bahia Arroyo Blanco" via the floating apparatus. Here they are enjoying a cold one and the comic relief of the whole idea.

Imat bar

Guests realaxing on the Imat with a cold drink

And here is a look at the whole thing in action…

floating Imat

A stand up paddle boarder glides by the swim up bar

The Imat is a fun water toy we are trying out on the Safari Endeavour's Sea of Cortes itinerary this season. It's the first time we've used one, but it's been so popular with guests, we will continue to use it here. Not only does it serve as a floating bar, it also is often used as a sunning platform by guests relaxing offshore after a swim or paddle. If you are traveling with us this season, please take a photo of yourself on the Imat and send to We'll be sure to feature you in another post about current events on the floating mat of fun.

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