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Bears at Reid Glacier


By Brooke Freed, guest, Safari Endeavor (July 1-8)

We recently returned from our trip on American Safari Cruises’ Safari Endeavor, and when I tell people we were on an “Alaska cruise” I don’t feel like those words do it justice. I also have to follow up with: “And there were just 60 people on our boat”. Not only was the group small, but the entire experience was up close and personal.

One of my favorite memories from the week was our time at Reid Glacier. That morning, six of us took the skiff up the inlet for a short hike along the beach. On our way toward the glacier, we spotted an adult brown bear walking along the shoreline. We were able to quietly motor up to the bear and watch while he continued along the beach undisturbed.

After watching for some time and snapping a few pictures, we landed on the opposite shore and hiked around near the glacier. The bear continued along the shore in our direction, and as we walked back down to the water, we watched as he made his way toward the glacier where we were standing only a few minutes earlier.

Bear at the Glacier

After the six of us re-boarded the skiff we spotted another adult brown bear walking in our direction. From the skiff we were able to watch as he walked along the rocky shore.

Alaska Bear

Our week was filled with amazing sights and experiences – the snow covered mountains, breaching humpbacks, calving glaciers, bear cubs playing on the beach, hiking through forests, weaving along through chunks of glacial ice, and kayaking up to waterfalls. But as I try to convey the sheer beauty of the place, I can only say: “It’s absolutely unbelievable. You just have to see it for yourself.”

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