Beautiful Beast


Taylor Loyden, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

It’s early Monday morning and the Safari Endeavor cruises into the Tracy Arm Fjord wilderness as ice gently floats by. Guests awaken from their cabins and sip coffee as the ship transits the 32-mile fjord surrounded by 3,000 foot walls covered in spruce and hemlock.

Tracy Arm Alaska

Finally rounding the corner, north Sawyer Glacier comes into view, a 200 foot wall of ice spilling out of the surrounding mountains.

It’s time to get closer.

Skiff in Alaska

The deck staff preps the skiffs as the guides gather their groups. Trundling down the stairs to the fantail, the first group sets off to the glacier. The skiff skims the surface of the water, dodging pieces of ice along the way. Sheer walls of granite rise all around, stained with iron formed deep within the mountains themselves.

Sawyer Glacier in Alaska

Rounding a corner, those in the skiff collectively gasped in surprise.

“Look, a goat!” rang a voice from the skiff. However, this was no ordinary goat.

This was a goat carved from marble, as if sent from the Gods themselves. “Is it single?” someone else called, hopefully.

Goat in Alaska

Never before had the eyes of humans gazed upon such a beautiful beast. Rarer than a unicorn, it stood erect with a stature that would make mere mortals weep. Its musculature akin to Zeus himself, it seemed to hover as time stood still.

All eyes were glued to the god-like creature, unable to believe the sight. And then, as soon as it appeared, it was gone.

This tantalizing miracle of Mother Nature lasted mere moments, though the memory of the creature remains seared in memory forever. No one knows what became of this creature, though surely, it is traveling the ether, powered by its strong and nimble calves.

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