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The Best Job in the World


Caitlyn, Crew, Safari Explorer

On the boat, life is different.

Time does not move hour by hour but rather by every little moment. I can honestly say that you never know what is going to happen around here. That is the best part though, and it’s what keeps the crew going each day.

Safari Explorer in Alaska

In one way or another, it has been said that the sea is this vast, ever-changing whirlwind of flowing currents and tides where nothing is ever the same.

For me, however, living on the ocean has shown the exact opposite. Breathing in the cool, crisp and untainted Alaskan air at the beginning of each day ignites me with an energy I have never felt before. I can hardly sleep at night because of the anticipation for the next day.

What will I see? What will I do? Where will I wake up? How many colors will the sunset hold? What kind of ridiculous things will my shipmates have up their sleeves?

Safari Explorer Crew

Every day is a new adventure and I absolutely love it.

This is my first season working with UnCruise and certainly not my last. Since I’ve started this journey, I can honestly say that I have never been happier or felt more like myself in my entire life.

The ocean humbles me. It makes me feel small. Sitting on the decks and gazing at the horizon allows me to put life into much more delicate perspective. One filled with wanderlust and complete happiness. It’s almost child-like.

This job has opened me up in ways I never imagined and I will forever be thankful for this experience in my life.

Crew in Alaska

Another puzzle piece to add to my story is that this week I learned that it’s okay to dive into the unknown. I was asked to move to another ship and I jumped at the opportunity.

I was super nervous about joining this new boat for some reason, but as soon as I stepped onto the deck I was greeted with open arms and huge smiles from my new family.

The nervousness I felt quickly subsided and I put my things away and began working as if nothing had ever changed.

Today was quite funny though. After a day of cruising in Glacier Bay National Park, our boat went back to Bartlett Cove where I was picked up the day before.

Our hotel manager set us free onto the open land to run and play with bears, and by that I mean sprint to the lodge and use the free Wifi because let’s be honest, we all need to check our Facebook and send out a few mushy texts to our loved ones.

Bartlett Cove Entrance

As our break came to an end, the boat I had previously worked on appeared in that same cove and the crews from both vessels ran out on all decks and waved and hollered at each other.

I think a full moon was even present.

Anyways, I guess the point is that there isn’t one. No matter what ship you’re on or however long you’ve worked here, we are all family and are a part of something spectacular.

Along with fulfilling your job requirement, the most important thing you need to do is to be happy and have a good time. This job is amazing.

This never ending sunset is amazing. Everything is amazing and I will forever cherish each and every moment.

Sunset in Alaska

Cheers to family, love and happiness. Pure, unfiltered happiness.

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