Bioluminescence on the Bow


Crew, Safari Endeavour

Another delicious dinner was coming to an end aboard the Safari Endeavour after a day full of skiff tours, snorkels and beach parties.

Boisterous conversation with new friends was coming to a chorus when an announcement caught everyone’s attention. Bioluminescent dolphins are riding our bow wake!

Guests quickly scurried up from their tables and spilled out onto the bow.

Dolphins on the Bow

The bulbous bow of the Safari Endeavour was plowing through what looked like glowing green phosphorescence.

The night sky was etched above with the familiar Big Dipper and Orion. The water looked like it was dancing as miniature zooplankton gave off their otherworldly glow. But, there were no dolphins.

Bright Ocean

There were some fish that darted off from the bow, leaving in their wake a glowing trail. There was even a Mobula ray whose wing-like pectoral fins were traced in the water in bioluminescence.

Then, off in the distance, a larger glow was spotted. Then several more, moving like mini glowing rockets, shot towards our bow. They were back.

Dolphins riding the bow

We had dolphins!

For the next 10 minutes we were all mesmerized by what we affectionately called, “Tron Dolphins.” Dolphins lit up in an awesome bioluminescent glow, darting and leaping in front of our bow, to everyone’s delight.

It was a show that I don’t think anyone will ever forget.

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