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Bubblenet Feeding Up Close


Video by Betsy Boyer, videographer

Reports from the boats indicate it's been a crazy good summer for seeing humpback whales bubblenet feeding. Many guests aboard our small yachts and expedition vessels in Southeast Alaska have been lucky to see this feeding phenomenon.

We just found this video clip today and it's AMAZING. This is from the Safari Endeavour's August 19th Un-Cruise Adventure. Watch THIS!

Our boats have hydrophones that the crew will drop into the water to hear the whales' song. That's what you hear in the beginning of the video. Notice the moment of silence right before they surge to the top of the water with mouths wide open.

What is bubblenet feeding?

It's a cooperative feeding technique used by humpback whales. They swim in a circle blowing bubbles t oherd small fish together. The whales then swim up through the bubblenet with mouths wide open taking huge gulps of fish.

Note: We follow the Marine Mammal Viewing Code of Conduct to give whales, dolphins and all marine life their space. However, at times when we are out in skiffs and kayaks, whales will approach us.

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