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Bushwhacking in Glacier Bay National Park


By Expedition Guide on the Wilderness Adventurer

We bushwhacked through thick alder to get to a blue glacier lake in Tidal Inlet. I could feel bushes and trees hitting my arms going through the dense brush. I could see only 30 feet in front of me. I could taste Spruce tips in my mouth and smell them as they smacked my face. Guests were stoked, I was stoked. Another beautiful day in Glacier Bay National Park (GBNP).

We had a great time bushwhacking with the ranger as she told us wicked facts about the area surrounding us. The sun was hot—almost too hot for the end of April, the ground was crunchy, and the trees were thirsty.

Mountain goats were high on Gloomy Knob as we bushwhacked below it. Following the river up to the lake rain boots were a must. We made it through the thick, dense alders to an open view of a beautiful lake and a glorious mountain. We spent time up there so people could take in the beauty and fresh air. We headed back down following the river.

The first day out of our three days in GBNP we saw four brown bears together, a mother and three cubs. They were scaling rocks so they could find food to eat. They were eating sedge grasses and dandelions. They were eating a healthy diet lunch, getting their nutrients waiting for the berries to come in. The cubs we are suspecting are two years old. It’s almost time for them to roam without their mother and take a step into the big bear world.

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