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Cruising the Snake River


Day three on the Columbia & Snake River Cruise is a day to relax, make new friends and unwind after your travels to the 88-guest S.S. Legacy and a busy day two.

Yesterday, we visited the Bonneville Dam Visitor Center and Multnomah Falls before sailing into the Columbia River Gorge. When you wake up on day three, you'll know that today is a day to relax and enjoy life on board this small ship.

Cruising on the S.S. Legacy

It's cruising day! Grab a chair on the top deck and enjoy the views.

Snake River view

We'll pass through a very scenic part of the river today. You'll see the golden rolling hills of the Palouse, hillsides dotted with windmills, bridges, cliffs and columnar basalt.

Scenic cruising on the Snake River

columnar basalt along the Snake River

We'll pass through up to five locks over the course of the day/eve. The top deck and bow of the ship are both great viewing locations. You may even choose to lounge in one of the two hot tubs for a bit today. Now that's a great way to lock through.

The locks are fascinating and function differently. Here's the ship passing through Ice Harbor lock which is a concrete gravity type of lock.

Ice Harbor lock and dam

Card sharp? Beware of card sharps and fancy women. That's the warning sign you'll see outside the Pesky Barnacle Saloon. You can bet there will be a few card sharps on board! Join in a friendly (hopefully) game of poker today. There's a trunk full of costumes if you are feeling fancy. No need to fight over the boas. By the way, this is a self-serve saloon with beer on tap and shelves stocked with whiskey. Feel free to partake.

Poker game

If you aren't feeling so sharp at cards, how about wielding a needle to do some beading? String a necklace or bracelet as the natives once did. We'll provide the materials and guidance.

beading party

After dinner, join your friends in the lounge for a lively presentation on one of many topics. You might hear about Lewis & Clark or Sam Hill. In the photo below, we see Kenny, a Heritage Guide, giving an "in character" presentation about Hanford nuculear facility from the viewpoint of an employed senior scientist. Yes, this is history folks. It's fun. Tweety bird fits in here. Trust us. But this is all TOP SECRET. I can't tell you anything more.

Hanford presentation

That's a quick peek at day three on the river cruise. Stay tuned for day four. We're docking and going deep into Hells Canyon on jet boats. It's a full day of exploration on the Snake River.

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