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By Hannah Hindley, expedition guide, Safari Endeavour

Rain in the desert
Is like an eclipse,
A road accident,
A confession of love:
In an instant
The daily world
Inrush of electrifying

rain clouds

Water hits water,
The ocean alive with rain's curt
Plash and patter.
We are stunned, sulky--
I brought no rainjacket to Baja!--

We edge beyond the ship's overhang
Into deluge and drench.
There is no saying what could happen.
The rulebook is missing.

Raindrops on plant

And it is a universe unveiled:
Red-rock hills cloaked in gray-blue mist
And thorns
Alight with silver beads.
Decades-old seeds pop
The lizards are hiding.
Fat rainbows saturate the air.

Baja Rainbow

This desert?
It is dancing in the rain.
And soggy,
Dizzy with surprise,
So are we.

sun peeks through clouds

The Safari Endeavour sails weeklong cruises in Baja, Mexico's Sea of Cortés from November through March. And note that though this blog post is about a rainstorm, it is usually dry and sunny! This was very unusual.

Desert Rain


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