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Discovery on a Small Ship Cruise in Alaska


By Brad Mason, expedition guide, Safari Endeavour

When taking a journey through the emerald waterways of Southeast Alaska on a small ship cruise, one can always be assured of amazing experiences and new discoveries.

This week, setting out from Juneau in the midst of a stretch of unusually sunny and warm weather, we set sail westward for the magnificent Icy Strait and Glacier Bay region. Our experiences and discoveries started in Idaho Inlet, where we had an incredible day of explorations by kayak, small boat, and on foot.

kayakers give thumbs up

Kayakers ready to launch off the custom EZ Dock platform

The following two days we ventured into Glacier Bay where we received a glimpse back in time of a more icy world and how life amazingly springs back in the more recently de-glaciated areas. Along the way we encountered swimming moose, sea lions, several brown bears, a cacophony of calls from the birds of South Marble Island, and a multitude of glaciers both big and small.

swimming moose

Did you know that moose can swim?

Venturing on, mid-week we motored south and from the south came strong winds blowing in that cozy and cloudy weather Southeast Alaska is known for – giving us a exciting ride the night we sailed down and around Admiralty Island on our way to the Robert and Crow Islands. As we awoke and found ourselves in the more protected and calm waters of Port Houghton, the stage was set for a wonderful and beautiful day of discovery - involving everything from close encounters with enormous humpback whales to spending the morning with giant 20-legged sunflower stars and other fellow creatures of the intertidal zone.

Onward we ventured, back northward, to the ever awe-inspiring watery wilderness world of Tracy Arm and down into Endicott Arm. Thick ribbons of waterfalls slicing down the steep glacially-carved walls, huge chunks of blue and white ice silently floating past in the water, all the while surrounded and enveloped by the misty and lush temperate rainforest, we stopped and stayed for the day to explore and see what we could discover and just to breathe in the goodness.

seal and glacier

An inquisitive seal pops up to check us out

An incredible week of exploration; this pristine region of the world truly gives a chance, even if just for a week, to disconnect from the busy, hectic modern world in which many of us live, and reconnect to the beautiful rhythms of this natural world all around us, especially in a place like Southeast Alaska.

group shot on ships bow

A happy group of adventurers pose on the bow for a group shot on the Safari Endeavour. Wow. Now that's a scenic backdrop!

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