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Embodying the Spirit of Aloha


By Lauren Cutler, Expedition Leader on the Safari Explorer

I often get asked how I like my job. Does it get old? Is it the same every week? Usually, I smile and explain that it’s different every week because of the weather, wildlife, and guests. However, this week was exceptional and showed how guests really influence the experience.

We had had a pretty typical Hawaii itinerary during the week. We’d been able to get out on various activities, and the guests really got to experience the beauty of Hawaii. We did have to make small itinerary changes and adaptations due to the weather, but everyone was flexible and had no problem going along with the program. The last night, however, was one for the books. We had already had a successful day of kayaking, dolphins, snorkeling, and turtles, but the guests were no longer going to sit on the sidelines and wait to see what Hawaii offered.

The hotel department onboard put together a top deck cocktail hour, and the guests made their way up. Initially, things were pretty quiet, until someone requested some music. One of the stewards grabbed their portable speaker and two of our guests started dancing on the top deck.

It wasn’t long until some more guests joined in on the fun, and soon the whole hotel department joined in with all the guests dancing around in the balmy Hawaii air.

As the sun lowered towards the horizon, a rainbow appeared up on the mountain. The guests continued creating their own fun, boycotting dinner until the sun set. Then, as golden hour proceeded, a pod of spinner dolphins crossed our boat as they headed offshore to their hunting grounds!

As we watched the dolphins, the rainbow, and danced on the top deck, it became obvious that this week’s guests were filled with the spirit of aloha.

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