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Exploring the Secret Islands in the Salish Sea


Dai Mar Tamarack, Expedition Leader, Safari Quest

During spring and fall the Safari Quest sets out from Seattle to explore the Pacific Northwest in typical UnCruise fashion; leaving civilization behind and heading to off the beaten path places.

Malibu Rapids

Every week I have guests that had no idea that such pristine wilderness could be found in Seattle’s backyard. We do get some exposure to culture on this itinerary with our stop in Victoria, but the little deserted islands and inlets are what surprise guests the most.

Take Jedidiah Island for example.

Homesteaders owned the island for the past century, successfully keeping out the logging companies. While the last of the family left the island in 1990, their legacy of protection remains in the massive trees that shade the island’s many walking paths.

Giant trees!

Jedidiah is now a principal B.C. park; open to those boaters ‘in the know’ about this little paradise. Sheep and goats that have gone feral claim the island as their own and in the fall the apple orchard is still full of delicious fruit.

The wild is slowly taking back over what little area the homesteaders carved out for themselves. The house is condemned and crumbling but their view from the cliff is still as magical as ever.

Homesteaders Home

It’s the secret pieces of tranquility like this that make this trip so magical.

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