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A First-Time Tropical Adventure


By Maddie, guest, as told to Patricio, Expedition Guide on the Safari Voyager

In Costa Rica and Panama, Maddie was enamored with the surroundings. This is her story about her first time in Central America’s tropics.

“The most amazing trips I’ve ever been on and experienced have been with UnCruise. Being seventeen years old, I would never imagine seeing the unique wildlife and experiencing the adventures that this company and the staff offers. Not only do I get to experience a once in a lifetime trip; I also get to learn.

On my Costa Rica & Panama trip, I got to get up close and personal with unique ecosystems. So many monkeys and other creatures came out to say “hola” while the wonderful and very intelligent staff explained each creature big and small.

I was fascinated with every bit of it. My Spanish conversation abilities improved immensely with welcoming help from the staff. From the expedition guides to the kitchen staff, everyone was on top of their game and made our interests and comfort their first priority. 

Personally, I was one of the younger passengers on board. I was lucky enough to be brought along by my parents with my twelve-year-old brother. 

With no exaggeration, I had an absolute blast with the staff, especially the expedition guides; Erika, Patricio, Luis, Angie, and their fearless leader Katherine. 

Also, I can’t forget the skiff drivers. Juan Carlos is just one of the amazing pangueros who always helped me with my Spanish and laughed at my jokes - another person I will never forget. The kitchen staff also have a special place in my heart, especially Rigo. He always made my family’s dinner a fantastic time. Then, going full circle to Tim Karl the hotel manager, who made our stay on the Safari Voyager as comfortable as possible. 

Speaking for my entire family, this was one of the best trips we have ever been on. The beautiful beaches of Panama will forever be engraved in my mind as well as Patricio (my family’s favorite guide) educating me about the animals and the cultures of Costa Rica and Panama. 

I have a newfound respect for these beautiful countries, especially now that I experienced the beauty firsthand. If you are ever offered the chance or opportunity to travel, take that chance as soon as possible, and do it with a company as amazing as this one. 

The places you go, the things you learn and the people you meet will forever expand your horizons. I can personally say that I love Costa Rica and Panama and I will forever love the staff who introduced me to its gorgeous cultures.”

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