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A Flurry of Fishy Friends


Jenny Wolf, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavor

It started during happy hour.

We had just primed guests for the next day’s activities and everyone was relaxing and swapping stories over cocktails. While we were all winding down in the lounge however, just outside our windows a flurry of activity was starting.

Sunset on the Safari Endeavour

At night, it’s always a good idea to look into the water around Safari Endeavor as our exterior lights attract all sorts of fishy friends. On this evening in particular, there seemed to be an abnormal amount of fish popping out of the water.

As I trained my eyes out to further examine, there were suddenly dozens of tiny splashes on the water as a group of fish skirted the surface. It happened again and again all around us! The groups got larger and we got on the mic to alert any pre-dinner nappers that there was a feeding frenzy!

Everyone rushed out to the bow.

The fish were like silvery fireworks in the dark water as they jumped out, pursued by larger fish. From the decks, we had first-class tickets to the water ballet. Jacks were darting around pursuing small fish while even larger flashes of unidentifiable silver swam swiftly in pursuit of them. Pelicans swooped in from the dark and collided with the water over and over again.

It wasn’t long before a California sea lion joined the show.

Gasps could be heard from every level of the boat as the world’s fastest pinniped zipped around grabbing fish for dinner, and after about an hour, just for fun.

Sea lion surrounded by fish in Baja

At this point there seemed to be more fish than water below us, an amount that only became fathomable when the Sea Lion would clear space in the water.

Just when we thought the show couldn’t get any more exciting, I heard a cry from the deck above me, “Turtle on the port side!”

From above, all we could see at first was a large white shape. Slowly the turtle rose toward the surface and the shape became clearer as our friend surfaced for a breath of air. Cheers could be heard all around.

For the next hour, I don’t think I stepped away from the deck’s railing.

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