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As the Safari Explorer gears up for our second season of cruising the Hawaiian Islands, her crew is making some great improvements. I recently paid a visit to see what kind of work is being done to our flagship.

The Safari Explorer undergoing hull work.

Upon approach, the hull was patchy. It was obviously being prepared for a new paint job. I made my way on board, and as I walked through the main deck, a normally very elegant and spotless salon/dining room had furniture removed and the floor had been pulled up. So I made my way to the Bridge where I could overhear voices.

I found Jody, Chief Mate; Nicky, Bo’son; and Katie, our Safety & Compliance Officer. Jody looked busy scraping up all the carpet padding. Fun work! Jody gave me the run-down of all the work that was being done.

I think Jody found me silly for taking his picture.

All indoor floors, except the staterooms, were getting new floors. It would be a mixture of carpet and hardwoods.

New wood flooring…pretty!

Almost the whole exterior was being repainted. All of the blue hull, and much of the white.

He also told me about some of the other improvements that are probably less obvious to guests. For instance, they’ll be installing new chocks for mooring. A new ladder for the lazarette was put in – this is the compartment where steering gear is (on the stern). (Note: I had to ask for definitions to everything.)

They’re making gangway improvements – which will make it a little easier to get in and out of the boat.

Nicky chimed in here and there, and when I asked what Katie was doing, she said she was checking things out to make sure they’re environmentally compliant and safety compliant. She does a weekly walk-thru of all the vessels while they’re docked here in Seattle. A blog by Katie is forthcoming. (Now she has to do one!)

I’ll head back over to the Safari Explorer right before they embark for Hawaii to check out all of the completed improvements.

The Safari Explorer leaves within the next few weeks to cross the big, blue Pacific to the Hawaiian Islands. From there she’ll cruise between Lana’i and Hawaii, the Big Island on our Hawaiian Seascapes itinerary. Guests will have a truly privileged experience visiting one of the richest marine mammal environments in all of North America and meeting the people of Hawaii. They’ll kayak, view marine species, talk story, learn the culture, and engage in active adventures to experience the islands of Lana’i, Maui, Moloka’i, and the Big Island from a unique perspective.

Fortifying and Fashioning the Flagship


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