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Glaciers & Gin: An Alaska-Inspired Concoction


With many of us staying home, dreaming of travel and discovering more free time than ever, we thought we'd share a Glacier Bay-inspired drink recipe. Enjoy!

With cottonwoods sprawled across the mountainsides signaling the dawn of a new season, we decided we should tend to our ice garden. The icebergs that break off the face of Lamplugh Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park are often stranded on the beach in front of the glacier – left behind by the lowering tide. Each iceberg is a beautiful sculpture.

The memory of covering our faces in the exfoliating till found underfoot, or standing triumphantly atop a slippery iceberg, or posing for a photo taken through a hole in a piece of ice. Finding new treasures, adventures, and beauty behind each twist in the maze. And, at the same time, deepening our connection to this wild place.

But sometimes, when we get back to the boat, or return home after our travels and look back, it all feels quite surreal. So to best remember your planted memories, here is a recipe that may help you take a trip back to Alaska:

Take a few pinches of Butterfly Pea Herb Infusion, concentrate and steep the leaves in hot water, then set aside to cool. Add Amalga Distillery gin, dry vermouth, and orange zest. Serve cold.

This spin on a classic martini was inspired by the azure grandeur of the glaciers in Glacier Bay.

- Michelle Dutro, Expedition Guide on the Wilderness Explorer


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