Guava Lava Cocktail


By Marika Powers, expedition guides, Safari Explorer

The guava or kuawe, though small, is such a prolific grower on the Hawaiian Islands that the fruit can often be seen having fallen to the ground to decompose back into the earth.

There are several different varieties including the lemon guava and the strawberry guava, and if you slice one open, the little yellow or pink fruit inside will emit a deliciously tropical aroma.

Most often used in juices, jams, and other foods, guava is packed with vitamin c, antioxidants, and fiber.

In addition to health benefits, the fruit has the magical power to instantly transport you to the islands! Whether you're in the middle of a bustling city or the snowy northeast, cut open a guava, close your eyes, and the delicious scent will quickly zap you to a beautiful beach in Hawaii.

Guava Lava Cocktail

If you're looking for a little something more refreshing than just a sniff or two, try Safari Explorer bartender, Jordan Smith's Guava Lava cocktail recipe.

Jordan says, “Guava Lava is a tropical taste explosion that is as smooth as a wet baby dolphin. It's a mix of guava juice, mango puree, and a bit of lime to be extra sublime. Serve it simple or serve it with a nice shot of Mount Gay rum for a real nice kick.”

Guava Lava Cocktail

Guava Lava Cocktail
1 part guava juice
1 part mango puree
1 splash of lime
1 shot of rum (optional)

Serve on the rocks with a slice of orange.

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