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Hold Dinner!


By Kathy Van Wulf Scat, Special Guest Crewmember, Wilderness Explorer

While cruising in Frederick Sound, Alaska aboard the Wilderness Explorer, I had an opportunity to observe a pod of about six orca whales. Dinner was about to be served when we heard the call---ORCAS! The crew was so accommodating. They held dinner while we took advantage of why we came to Alaska—wildlife!


Orca whales swim close by us in Frederick Sound, Alaska

As we were watching the orcas we noticed a large cruise ship in the distance, and I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to be traveling aboard a boat where wildlife encounters come first and the chef holds dinner without batting an eye.

Here's another view of an Orca whale.

Orca spyhop


Who IS Kathy Van Wulf Scat? She's offered us this self portrait on assignment in Alaska

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