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Jet Boating Into Hells Canyon


Crew, S.S. Legacy

Get ready for a day of adventure and sightseeing in Hells Canyon.

After transiting the Lower Granite Dam and breakfast on board, we get a special treat when a Nez Perce tribal member joins us on the S.S. Legacy for a special story, song, and music presentation.

He has a knack for working humor into the educational presentation allowing us a glimpse into the Nez Perce culture.

Nez Perce Tribal Member

We're going deep into Hells Canyon today, a national recreation area and the deepest river gorge in North America. It's remote. It's wild. and the scenery is amazing. What's not to like?

Snake River jet boats

The jet boats are fast and fun. Don't worry, they have comfortable seats and window protection so you don't get wet from the inevitable water spray.

We'll wind our way up the Snake River through canyons and exciting rapids. These powerful jet boats can handle whatever the river throws our way.

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. You may see bald eagles, deer, mountain goats or bighorn sheep.

rocky mountain big horn sheep

We'll stop and view 7,000 year old Native American petroglyphs on rocks along the river. You'll also see traces of cabins left by 1800's homesteaders and gold miners. Now, you'll see fishermen's cabins dotting the river bank, many so far inside the canyon they exist without running water and electricity.


The scenery in the gorge is beautiful. There are steep, desert like slopes and sandbars along the river. There are also rugged peaks and the most amazing examples of columnar basalt.

columnar basalt

We'll stop at Cache Creek Ranch, a beautiful location with an orchard on site, a small museum and a great view of the river. Stretch your legs and keep your eyes peeled for the wild turkeys strolling around. Feel free to eat fruit off the trees if it's ripe.

Cache Creek view

A mid-day lunch break at Garden Creek is a restful time in a beautiful setting. A BBQ lunch is served with seating inside and at picnic tables on deck overlooking the Snake River. You're welcome to ander around the grounds after lunch and explore the area. There are numerous walking trails and adirondack chairs in a meadow for those who'd like a cat nap or just a quiet moment. Keep your eye peeled for deer and more wild turkeys. They like it here.

relaxing at Garden Creek

Head back downriver after lunch and enjoy the rapids along the way. It's been quite a day of sightseeing. You'll arrive back at the ship in mid-afternoon. Grab a drink at the bar or scoop up some fresh baked cookies in the lounge. Yum!

Join us on our next trip in Hells Canyon.

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