Journey to Juneau


Crew, Wilderness Adventurer

The Wilderness Adventurer ship and crew were packed and itching to head north out of Seattle and through the inside passage to Alaska.

When departure day finally arrived, we spent the morning finishing up last minute jobs and getting the boat sparkling for everyone’s arrival. Before we knew it, luggage and guests were on their way.

After loading countless bags into one particular cabin, we found ourselves asking the same question, “This is only a two week cruise... Why did these guys pack so much?”

After embarkation, we met the owners of the bags, Ben and Kim, and soon learned the reason for their heavy packing; they were moving to Alaska on board the Wilderness Adventurer!

Ben and Kim drinking aboard the Wilderness Adventurer

Ben and Kim were coming off several seasons running whale watching ships in Hawaii. This summer, they decided to follow the whales north to Alaska and operate their whale watching tours in Juneau.

Opting to avoid the usual hassles associated with moving, they chose to travel in style and move by cruise ship. All of us on the Wilderness Adventurer thought this was the most genius idea we had ever heard.

Enjoying the hot tub on their move

No road trip food for these two intrepid travelers, their move would be catered. Rather than stumbling exhausted through the Juneau airport, their first steps on Alaskan soil would be in XtraTufs through the muskeg in Manzanita Bay. The first view of their new home state would be from the placid waters of the Revillagigedo channel.

Kim and Ben were doing it right.

Ben and Kim hiking in Alaska

However, it can be a big change moving from Hawaii to Juneau.

On the second to last night of our cruise, the Wilderness Adventurer came across a small group of humpback whales displaying amazing feeding behaviors, lunging and bubble net feeding within a few hundred yards of the ship.

These were new behaviors for the veteran whale watchers, as humpbacks in Hawaii do not feed while they breed, calve and nurse.

Wilderness Adventurer bow in Alaska

When they arrive in Alaska, they gorge themselves in the rich waters of Southeast Alaska, doing almost nothing but eating all summer.

“If this is what it’s like here,” Ben said. “I think we’re ready to start working!”

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