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Kayak Training


It has been a glorious few days here in Seattle. Perfect for kayak training! We met up with the expedition guides of the Wilderness Adventurer this afternoon as they were setting off for an afternoon of kayak training. They were going to paddle around salmon bay and discuss best practices for safety on the open water.

Wilderness Adventurer Expedition guides

Introducing the 2013 expedition guides of the Wilderness Adventurer!
(from left: Shannon, Mark, Sarah, Laurie, & Jenny)

We watched as they loaded into the kayaks from the kayak launch. Laurie, Expedition Leader and Jenny, expedition guide, set off in the kayak together. Before they did, I got to listen to a back and forth about who should be in which position. If you've never kayaked before, you may not know that the person sitting in the back controls the rudder. In other words, steers. Jenny decided to sit in the back.

Kayak Training

Loadin' up and gettin' ready!

Laurie & Jenny's conversation about who should sit where reminded me of the last time I kayaked with my husband in a two-person kayak. It was in Penn Cove off of Whidbey Island. A gorgeous day. He sat in the back, and since I'm a bit of a control freak, I had a hard time being okay with him in control of the direction our boat went. So a word of advice--if you're a control freak, sit in the back.

Back to today...The guides invited, or rather encouraged us (myself & Ryan, photographer) to join their afternoon paddle. Alas, we had to get back to other pressing responsibilities in the office. Like writing this blog.

The Wilderness Adventurer embarks from Seattle this Saturday for a 14-night Active Adventure through the Inside Passage. We wish them an excellent and memorable 2013 Alaska cruising season!

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