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The Legacy Cruise: A Poem Profuse


By Guests Hal and Doreen, S.S. Legacy

This is an adventure about Hal and Doreen
How they ended their summer of 2013;
They had numerous options from which they could choose
And they decided to sign up for a great Un-Cruise.

SS Legacy

The 88-guest S.S. Legacy (Photo by Tom Judd)

A whole week on the river shouldn’t be hard to take
As we cruise the Willamette, the Columbia and the Snake.
It sounds like an adventure that couldn’t go wrong
So we decided to take Eric and Georgian along.

First at the World Trade Center hotel where we passengers meet,
Then on to the Legacy, docked right across the street
The crew was efficient and nice as can be
our cabin secure without even a key.

The food was delicious, and of course, plenty of it,
The lectures entertaining, ‘twas hard not to love it.
We learned about salmon, the hills and the rocks,
And we watched the boat climb as we passed through the locks.


Passing through one of the eight locks on the trip

Jet boats to Hells Canyon were quite noisy, but fast.
A day of sightseeing then back here at last.
At Hanford Reach Interpretive Center we learned a great deal,
Then on to a winery for a nice box lunch meal.

Jet boat

An exhilarating jet boat ride takes you sightseeing up the Snake River

The trip’s not yet over, we’ve still a few days to go.
I’ll complete this poem later, but now, on with the show.

(A few days later…)

Well the cruise days dwindled down to a precious few
And we're running out of interesting things to do.
Maryhill Museum was about as good as it gets,
With August Rodin sculptures and exotic chess sets.

Maryhill view

Spectacular view from Maryhill Museum

Rodin sculpture

Rodin sculpture at Maryhill Museum

The Discovery Center at The Dalles completed the rest of the day
As we learned about Lewis and Clark and local birds of prey.
Our last day is tomorrow but I do not wish to bore ‘ya
So I won’t go into detail about our last day in Astoria.

Horned Owl

Meet a Great Horned Owl

We’ll bid farewell to the Legacy and the many friends we made
And fly back to Arizona where it’s 100 in the shade.

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