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Marine Fireworks Welcome Home the Wilderness Explorer


By Randall Tate, expedition leader, Wilderness Explorer, Sucia Island, San Juan Islands, WA

Beautiful sunshine welcomed us back into the US today. We embraced the cloudless skies and warm breeze and explored the island by land and by sea. It was very nice to get out and stretch our muscles after two days cruising through Canada. To keep the goodness going, we went ashore for happy hour and enjoyed the evening light.

After dinner we headed back ashore to take full advantage of the island’s amenities. We collected firewood and lit a campfire on the beach. We all lounged around the fire, listening to Gabriella sing and play the guitar while Kevin strummed the banjo next to her.


Enjoying the campfire on Sucia Island

Meanwhile, the moon rose above mainland Washington and set all the bobbing boats in Echo Harbor awash in a glow. As the flames died down, we roasted marshmallows and tried to make sense of the dazzling stars above us. When the time came to head back to the ship, Sucia had one last surprise for us.

As we splashed into the water to board the skiff, the water came alive with bioluminescence. Minnows and sculpins darted away in a flash of sparks. On the way back out to the ship, we were mesmerized the by glow coming from our wake and the spinning prop. We dipped the marshmallow skewers and our hands in the water to watch the marine fireworks ignite. It was a wonderful way to wrap up a magical day in the San Juans.

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