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Memorable Marine Mammals


Arianna Jacobson, Expedition Guide, Safari Endeavour

This week aboard the Safari Endeavour, we made our way through the narrow passage of Peril Strait into Ushk Bay. After a morning full of activities, we were making our way back to our blue boat when I saw splashing and jumping from some sort of marine mammal directly in front of us.

Pacific White-Sided Dolphins in Alaska

We followed the splashes and couldn’t believe our eyes. Tucked all the way back in this remote bay was a pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins. We rode in for a closer view and they did the same. It was like they were attracted to our skiffs and wanted to play. They were bow riding and sticking their heads out of the water at the sounds of our joy and excitement.

Dolphins up close- Photo by David Ludwin

I’m completely convinced they are social animals and enjoy interacting and playing in the wake of the skiffs. Flip after flip and jump after jump we watched the dolphins do what they do for over an hour. It was incredible. We quickly got all of the guests down and into skiffs so that everyone could enjoy.

Playing with the dolphins in Alaska- Photo by David Ludwin

It was a highlight of the week watching these rarely seen mammals up close. In fact, they’re such a rare sight that since I began coming up to Southeast Alaska in 2007, I have only witnessed these creatures in the inside passage once before.

Dolphins jumping out of the water in Alaska- Photo by David Ludwin

What a treat it was for all of us on the Safari Endeavour.

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