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Christian Lloyd, Expedition Guide, Wilderness Explorer

Walker Cove has long been a favorite place of mine, with steep walls and waterfalls cascading down from the heavens to a bottomless and quiet sea.

I’ve done countless skiff tours on the waters there, but today was my first time doing what we call the “drop kayak,” which is where we start at the entrance of the fjord and then kayak along until we meet up with the Wilderness Explorer at its anchor location for the day.

As we crept along the rock walls, a soft wind from our rear and a light flooding current helped propel us deeper into the wilderness.

It had been raining for most of the week and the waterfalls were overflowing as we approached the river. A family of river otters gave us a few shy looks and a kingfisher lingered on a nearby branch as we paddled up further.

Then a big brown bear emerged from the woods and took a casual stroll up the river.

We rested our paddles and watched in silence. The bear paid little attention to us as it went about its business. We took out our cameras and snapped some pictures of it cruising along the coastline before it returned to the woods.

I’ve seen my share of bears but being at eye level with a brown bear only a couple hundred yards away is an experience that gets my heart pumping like few other things can.

​Misty Fjords Kayak with a Bear


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