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Not Just Any Humpbacks


By Brandon LeBaron, Expedition Guide on the Wilderness Adventurer

We just had the best week. While we were viewing smelly sea lions moan and groan at a haul-out, all of a sudden, a pair of humpback whales appeared. But not just any humpback whales; a mom and a calf.

At first, they were just cruising along and seemed that they were just going to float on by. Doing a few deep, fluke tail up, dives and then a few spouts.

Then, out of nowhere…BOOOOM. The mom breached. She flew herself out of the water and twisted in the air sending a spray of water off her pectoral flippers and then SPLASH!!! She threw a huge amount water into the air.

We thought it was over, but then…the calf BREACHED!!!! It seemed to fly out of the air. Twisting, doing 180’s and landing on its back. And then a minute later it breached again…and then again…and again.

The baby had so much energy we were all in awe and were cheering the baby whale on to keep on going because babies need encouragement, even if it comes from by-standing humans.

After the calf breached 4-5 times it then continued with chin slapping. This baby seemed so happy and seemed to be having a ton of fun right in front of the grumpy, smelly, loud roaring sea lions that were no longer getting any attention. 

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