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Packing for the Hawaiian Islands


It’s that time of year again. The Safari Explorer will soon make the trip across the Pacific Ocean to spend the fall and winter cruising the waters around the Hawaiian Islands! And what does that mean for you, perhaps? Well if you’re booked on our Hawaiian Seascapes cruise, chances are you’re getting pretty excited about it. And of course you should be – it’s a true adventure! You'll have opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking, skiff rides, cultural outings, hiking, and wildlife viewing. As well as ample time for relaxing and lounging on board (with a cocktail in hand, if you so choose).

We want to make sure all of our guests come prepared with the right gear. So we’re going to talk a little bit about what to pack for your adventure.

According to Kristin Roth, Senior Fleet Expedition Leader, a rash guard is the most important thing you should bring with you. Not only will it help you stay warm while snorkeling and swimming, but it’ll protect you from the sun’s rays. You can also bring a wet suit, if you think it’s necessary. We only provide wet suits for the Manta ray night snorkeling excursion. At the beginning of your voyage, you'll get fitted for your snorkel mask and fins, and then for each stateroom there are corresponding lockers to store your wet gear. So you don’t have to worry about your stateroom getting soggy and gross.

Snorkeling in Hawaii

This is me! Illustrating the usefulness of a rash guard while snorkeling!

Sun Protection
You definitely want to pack a sun hat. Preferably one with a wide brim. Feel free to bring your own sunscreen, but know that we do carry it on board. And more importantly, I’m excited to learn that all of the sun screen we provide on our warm weather destinations is “reef safe.” Reef safe means that it doesn’t have the chemicals that are proven to be harmful to coral reefs. If you want more information on this research, feel free to peruse this academic publication.

Throughout your voyage you will be using your feet for a number of activities. Yes, it’s true. You’ll be kayaking and boarding in and out of skiffs, so think water socks or multi-sport water shoes. You’ll also have the opportunity to cross a few streams while hiking on Moloka’i's Halawa Valley – so again, the multi-sport water shoes will be handy. However, you should make sure they have an ankle strap so they’re sturdier, and ideally, they’ll have covered toes to protect your feet. You’ll also be walking through towns, so bring a pair of tennis shoes.

Crossing a Stream in Hawaii

Not my most attractive picture, I'd say, but it illustrates the act of crossing a stream and how handy it is to wear close-toed water shoes

We have lots of other great suggestions for what to pack, so if you haven’t already viewed our packing list page for Hawaii, then please peruse this list.

Still need to buy gear for your adventure? Get outfitted with our “Gear Up” partner,Ship to Shore Traveler.

Kayaking in Hawaii

This guest is taking it easy on a kayak. Off in the distance you can see the Safari Explorer and other guests snorkeling and riding the skiff. So much to do!

Have you been on our Hawaiian Islands cruise adventure? If so, was there anything you wish you had known to pack prior to your cruise? Please share!

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