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A Paddle Boarding Feat


By Kathy Van Wulf Scat, Wilderness Adventurer

I can't help but marvel some days that this is actually my job. I look around me and soak up the amazing views of Walker Cove in Misty Fjords National Monument from my paddle board. We have 19 kids aboard the Wilderness Adventurer this week for one of our Kids in Nature cruises and I have made it my goal for week to encourage them all to try new things. Upon boarding we learned that none of them had ever paddle boarded, so my mission for the week was to get every child out on a paddleboard.


Kathy shows kids how to standup paddle board (SUP).

Some kids leapt at the chance to paddle board, others took a little convincing. We had a variety of countries represented amongst our 19 youth on board so sometimes we would have a translator paddling alongside, other times we had to do some dramatic acting to demonstrate the technique. Regardless of how it was done, it always ended in laughter. Friday rolled around and there was only one kid I was still working to coerce on to a paddleboard; four-year-old Owen. Shockingly, Owen leapt at the chance to paddleboard. After almost an hour on the water, I finally had to drag Owen home to brag about his feat of paddleboarding!


Owen has a great time SUPing with Kathy.

Trying new things, conquering small fears, and taking chances - that's what coming on vacation with InnerSea Discoveries is all about! I am lucky enough to have the chance to introduce new places and experiences to people from all over the world, from 4-years-old to 94. For me, this is why I have the job I do and can return to Alaska with enthusiasm year after year. Each day I have the opportunity to see Alaska through the eyes of each of you, and I think I like the view from the eyes of a four-year-old best.


Owen is on his feet as they come back to the boat.

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