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Patterson Lake Wrap-Up 2012


On our Inner Reaches Eastern Coves itinerary, guests have the opportunity to hike 5 miles (~11 miles roundtrip) to remote Patterson Lake. Kayaks are stored there, ready to launch to continue the journey to the face of Patterson Glacier. It's quite a trip and guests love it.

Like all equipment that's put away for the off-season, the kayaks need to be inventoried and stored for the winter. We received the report from the crew that secured the equipment. Here's a snippet:

On our second day in Thomas Bay this past week, a crew consisting of myself (Danny Blanchard), Alison Ashton, Evan Martin, and Shaun Doyle departed the WND with the goal of securing the kayaks at Patterson Lake for the winter and bringing back leftover supplies and lifejackets from the site.

The combination of snowmelt and rainfall joined forces to turn the majority of the trail into a mini river, varying in depth from 3”- 24” (FYI: Xtra-tuffs are less than 24” tall). The water level at the lake prohibited access from the usual route along the river bank, and required some bushwacking to get to the kayak site, which had nearly become an island.

Site Condition on departure:

Crew is packed up and ready for the 5 mile hike back.

The face of Patterson Glacier.

Join us in 2013 for this level 4/5 hike and freshwater lake paddle to the glacier!

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