Photography Tips From a Newbie


Wilson Barrett, Expedition Guide, Wilderness Explorer

Photography is a new hobby of mine. A few months back I decided to spend some money on a sweet camera. I wanted a way to preserve and share breathtaking moments from my life aboard the Wilderness Explorer.

Working as an expedition guide, I take great pleasure in being a catalyst to the natural world. It’s so satisfying to help facilitate guest experiences in nature that I sometimes forget about documenting these adventures for my own sake.

Getting into any new passion from the ground up takes a bit of patience and there are plenty of things that can seem intimidating at first. However, after a few months I’m beginning to hit my stride and I’ve found a couple of tips that keep it fun and maximize my photos.

Tip #1: Gear

Don’t get hung up on technology. The price of your camera won’t dictate the quality of the memories captured. The best camera is the one that won’t encumber your experience out in the field. Don’t let your tool burden your enjoyment of the adventure.

Tip #2: Break the Rules

Everyone has different principles about what makes a good or bad photo. Follow your own eye. Don’t be afraid to like what you like. There is no such thing as a “correct” exposure, or framing. Find what you like in a photo and don’t let what others say derail you.

Tip #3: Try New Things

You don’t have to buy new bodies and lenses to explore different creative possibilities. Experiment!

Find ways to affect light. Toy around with reflection, angles, shadows, and the sun.

New approaches make photos rare and interesting. Whatever feeds your creative process, always look for new approaches.

Tip #4: Live in the Moment

No matter how diligent I am at capturing the moment on film, there always comes a time when I need to just set the camera down.

The best camera is your brain and the best lenses are above your nose. No matter how potent a picture can be, life happens in the moment.

Now, time to put these tips to use on your next cruise!

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