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In Pursuit of Rainy Adventure


By Dave Goodrick, Expedition Guide on the Legacy

Taylor Island loomed over Fern Harbor like an immense castle wall. The embankment of rock and trees rising out of the ocean sheltered us from the open end of Icy Strait. There was an energy in the air first brought on by wind, then rain.

As eight intrepid explorers donned yellow PFDs, they looked off into the gray rain scattering across the ocean’s surface. With paddle in hand, they slid their kayaks into the water. Where were they off to? No one could say. What was their goal? Adventure.

They started paddling south along a thick kelp forest. Broad mats of bull kelp fronds rose and fell in the gentle swell. Underneath, schools of bait swam in beautiful unison, weaving around the bulky stalks. And not far off, a predator approaches, attracted by their shimmering bodies.  

The head of a harbor seal pops out of the water. It glides wakelessly through the sea, giving the paddlers quick glances as if to say, “I see you, but I am preoccupied.” As it slips below the surface in pursuit of its quarry, the paddlers continue on their journey...admiration in their faces.

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